Creation Lab

BAAY's radically student-centred environment for writing music theatre. Meet with a team like you, share and receive insights about writing stories and music, complete a unique script and score together, and execute its first production.

Whether you're a musical beginner nearing high school or approaching graduation advanced goals in writing, composition, or theatre production, Creation Lab is the place to grow at the speed of your effort and ambition.


13 - 17




  • Steve Barnes, course lead


Background in music or theatre (composing, playing an instrument, choir or drama) are recommended but not required. Come ready to learn at your level.

Studio hours are time meant to write or compose music at BAAY using studio technology or your own devices. Additionally, you can contribute to your group's product from home with access to a desktop web browser, as well as MuseScore, GarageBand, Logic or other music software.


Please contact Steve Barnes.


This course occurs February 8 through April 28.

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