A new music theatre product in three weeks.

From your brain.

Imagination to stage.

Theatre often starts with other people's ideas – Creation Lab starts with yours.

You aren't handed a script or music. Instead, you're invited to think deeper with your colleagues: what's in your minds that would make a good script in the first place? What have you learned about music that could make a story come alive for each other?

Once you've explored your ideas and others', turn them into a book – independently and together.

Every level and age.

Already performed in dozen shows, taken five years of music lessons, and penned your childhood masterpiece? Great – this is the place to get your work rehearsed and performed.

But if you're new to theatre or have yet to write your first notes on a staff, this is a place to watch, learn, use your imagine, and, as we say, "add your two bricks."

Creation Lab Camp is for everyone from age 9 through the end of high school.

Ready for more? Prepare for Creation Lab this fall.

If you'll be 13 or older next school year, use your time in Creation Lab Camp to learn the basic music theory and notation skills required for Creation Lab. This highly autonomous group will continue the tradition of taking full ownership of a months-long music theatre project and performing for a full weekend.

Meanwhile, Creation Lab Junior is designed to be compatible with stage productions and Junior Dance Co. for students aged 9-12.


Course Leads
  • Steve Barnes
  • Neco Pacheaco
  • Ian Bivins
  • Dominic Salas
  • Dana Crediford

Contact Us

For questions about the schedule or the course, e-mail Steve Barnes.

For questions about registration, e-mail Damian Cade.

A great place for students aged 9-12 to improvise, create, learn software, compose, write and perform individually and together during the school year.

Fall 2018

A radically open environment for intermediate and advanced middle and high school students to take full ownership of a months-long project together. 

Fall 2018