Parent and Student Behavior Policies

Fostering respect for individuals, the arts, and education is the foundation upon which these expectations of behavior are based. Most students are responsible and focused on their artistic pursuits; BAAY does not emphasize rules at the expense of learning and creativity. However, we do ask that students and parents read the Student Behavior Policy together at the beginning of each course. By completing our registration form, parents and students agree to adhere to our behavior guidelines.

Parent Behavior Guidelines 

BAAY is all about fun, integrity, being in a community of friends, and achieving high quality work. In addition to asking students to choose their best, we also ask that parents behave their best and we expect them to inspire appreciation and model integrity for their children.

Student Behavior Guidelines

At BAAY, we strive to create an educational environment that is professional, ethical, and supportive of the growth of our students as artists and as community members.  To this end, we expect that students will approach their work at BAAY with professionalism and focus, as well as with respect for staff and for their fellow students. Students at BAAY are expected to:

Student Rights and Responsibilities

My Rights

My Responsibilities

Revised September 12, 2016