Parent and Student Behavior Policies

Fostering respect for individuals, the arts, and education is the foundation upon which these expectations of behavior are based. Most students are responsible and focused on their artistic pursuits; BAAY does not emphasize rules at the expense of learning and creativity. However, we do ask that students and parents read the Student Behavior Policy together at the beginning of each course. By completing our registration form, parents and students agree to adhere to our behavior guidelines.

Parent Behavior Guidelines 

BAAY is all about fun, integrity, being in a community of friends, and achieving high quality work. In addition to asking students to choose their best, we also ask that parents behave their best and we expect them to inspire appreciation and model integrity for their children.

  • Please refrain from negative gossip, hurtful comparisons and slander.
  • Please reserve disciplinary action regarding BAAY students other than your child to BAAY staff. If you see an action that you think is in violation of the student code of conduct, ask the children to hold and wait, and find a BAAY staff member.
  • We encourage you to provide us with positive and constructive feedback. Please address all your concerns, questions, and comments to our staff members or contact our Operations Manager ( or our CEO, David Post (
  • In case of violation of our policies, BAAY reserves the right to suspend families from participating in our activities. All parents are required to sign a code of cooperation (on the registration form). 

Student Behavior Guidelines

At BAAY, we strive to create an educational environment that is professional, ethical, and supportive of the growth of our students as artists and as community members.  To this end, we expect that students will approach their work at BAAY with professionalism and focus, as well as with respect for staff and for their fellow students. Students at BAAY are expected to:

  • Attend all scheduled classes and rehearsals, unless by prior arrangement with staff.
  • Be on time
  • Come to class prepared and ready to focus
  • Treat one another and staff with courtesy and respect
  • Dress and act respectfully at all times
  • Remain on campus except by written parental permission and the consent of the lead instructor. Students found off campus are subject to expulsion or other disciplinary measures with no refund of tuition.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

My Rights

  • I have the right to enjoy my time at BAAY and to be treated with compassion in this school. No one will laugh at me or intentionally hurt my feelings.
  • I have the right to express myself in this school. No one will treat me unfairly because of any aspect of my unique self.
  • I have the right to experience safety in this school. No one will hit me, kick me, push me, pinch me, threaten me, or hurt me. Students around me move in ways that keep me safe.
  • I have the right to have my property be safe in this school.
  • I have the right to hear and be heard in this school. This means no one will compete with me when I have ‘the floor’ or otherwise disturb me.

My Responsibilities

  • I have the responsibility to treat others with compassion. I will not laugh at others, tease others, or intentionally hurt others’ feelings.
  • I have the responsibility to respect others as individuals and treat others fairly.
  • I have the responsibility to make the school safe by not hitting, kicking, pushing, pinching, threatening, or hurting anyone. I will move my body in ways that keep those around me safe.
  • I have the responsibility to respect others’ property. I will not steal or destroy their property.
  • I have the responsibility to listen to others. I will not raise my voice to talk over others or otherwise disturb those who have ‘the floor’.

Revised September 12, 2016