Devised theatre is a process that requires the ultimate collaborative nature of a creative team.  Essentially, one group of people are creating a completely original show based on their reactions and interpretations of a shared piece of source material. This time in quarantine has the potential to be artistically impactful for the lives of our teenagers. 

PART ONE: First half of Fall

  1. Using inspiration from one central piece of source material (play, song, philosophy, painting…), students will have weekly assignments to create compositions at home that are based on themes of the source material and prompts that are set by Olivia. 
  2. Once a week there will be a Zoom meeting where compositions are shared, and one YouTube video per week where Olivia introduces the assignment for that week’s composition. In the videos will be techniques on how to turn your home or space into a set, how to develop affecting stories at home with our shared thoughts and feelings. Zoom meetings will be used to share compositions, but also a time for Olivia to lead instruction and discourses about the themes that are emerging from our work. 
  3. There will also be assignments for texts to read that are fundamental for learning how to create collaborative theatre. 

PART TWO: takes place in second half of Fall – see course details here. Can be taken as standalone courses, but it’s fun to have the entire experience!

Ages: 13 – 17, 18 by permission

Tuition: $180

Staff: Olivia Theilemann, Instructor

Dates:  Runs six weeks, Sept 15 – Oct 22. 2x/week, Tues and Thurs, 6:00-7:00pm.  Part 2 continues in the second session of fall, in the same time slot.

Format: Course will begin via Zoom and move to in-person if and as public health guidelines allow during the second half.

Our intention is to provide in-person instruction for every course if and when public health restrictions allow. For the most part, we expect this will mean Fall 2020 runs via Zoom; we hope public health conditions improve so we can meet in-person. For families who prefer and request to have attendance via Zoom after in-person meetings begin again, we will strive to continue offering that attendance option, to increase accessibility.

Questions? Please click to email Olivia Theilemann.

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