Dana Crediford

Theatre & Improv

Dana has a Master's degree in Children's Theatre Education and a passion for organizing. She has taught everything from Improvisation to Stage Management and has directed all ages in dramatic plays and musical theatre. As the new Costume Shop Manager for BAAY Theatre, she can indulge her lifelong interest in costume design, as well as create an efficient space for students to experience all aspects of wardrobe implementation. Dana enjoys leading children to self-discovery in the arts and watching them blossom in the areas of their choice.

Dave Wagner


Dave has over 40 years in the music business as a performer, singer/songwriter, composer, studio player and instructor. Add to that 20 years as a youth counselor and Dave is uniquely qualified to share that experience with your kids in a way that is fun and full of the necessary information to get them started on a lifetime of musical journeys. Dave holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy/Liberal Arts from the University of Montana where he also played for the football Griz. He’s toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada and is currently a member of the Bellingham Unitarian Chalice and Phoenix Choirs.

Erika Chambliss

Theatre & Dance

Erika is currently an instructor for BAAY EduArts and an assistant teacher at BAAY Preschool. She has been teaching and working with children for over 25 years. Erika's first experience teaching in a classroom setting was in Taipei, Taiwan, where she and her husband moved to teach English and travel. Erika has also been involved in the performing arts her whole life. She has an extensive background in theatre and dance, and is a certified Prenatal Yoga instructor. Erika studied creative movement and The Braindance for children at The Creative Dance Center in Seattle, and then went on to teach her classes to toddlers and preschoolers at the Seattle Holistic Center, private playgroups and parties. She has studied acting at Freehold Theatre, Unexpected Productions, Taproot Theatre Company and Seattle Central Community College, as well as acting in independent film projects in the 1990s. She has taught improvisational acting classes at elementary schools and had the pleasure of directing The Wizard of Oz for an elementary school in Seattle. Erika loves being in the presence of children and genuinely loves working with them. They are constantly reminding her to stay in the present moment and delight at the smallest details of life. Erika is thrilled to be part of EduArts, and feels to lucky to get to help each child blossom into the unique and creative being that they are!

Evan Ingalls


Evan Ingalls is a composer, music director, singer, folk musician, and poet, among other things. Born, raised, and educated in Bellingham, WA, he graduated from Western Washington University in the spring of 2014 with a B.Mus. in Composition and a B.A. in Linguistics. His work with BAAY has included music directing "The Jungle Book" and "Muppets Take Manhattan." In this, he discovered the joys of working with children, and is excited to impart to them the wonders of his favorite world -- music! For more information on Evan's other endeavors, you can visit

Lisa Markowitz


Lisa was a member of the Southern California based performing group, The Young Americans, for four years as a dancer and signer. While in the group, she went on three National Music Outreach Tours to enrich the lives of kids through the performing arts, especially in schools that had to cut their arts programs. She has years of experience teaching dance, choral singing, and theatre to young artists in Bellingham, California, Maine, New York, and Switzerland. She has a BA in English from California State University, Long Beach and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her dog, a Dachshund named Zoey.

Lori VanEtta

Visual Arts

Lori is a competitive rower, an avid reader, and loves to hike with her golden retriever. Yet, her lifelong passions are art and teaching. She has taught elementary school for more than 30 years, been an art specialist for grades K through 6, and has taught adult English learners. Her lifelong immersion in the arts has brought her exciting opportunities. She lived in Indonesia for three weeks to learn about and practice Indonesian art and dance with the most respected artists of the area. Through the Ambassador to Ambassador Program, she visited several schools in China to meet with Chinese teachers to compare teaching styles, observe their cultural traditions and attend performances. Lori integrates art and learning as much as possible and knows that this helps her students make deep connections and remember what they have learned. Lori has worked with the Seattle Repertory theater artists to bring drama into her lessons and to host school plays through the Bringing Theater into the Classroom Program. She was the director of Meridian School’s highly successful Young Artist Conference with guest artist workshops featuring Pacific NW Ballet, Indonesian puppetry, Japanese kites, edible art, and more. In the summer, Lori hosts art camps where students draw, paint, sculpt, create glass mosaics and other exciting activities. She is looking forward to bringing her love of the arts and teaching to the Bellingham area!

Natalia Robinson

Fiber Arts

Natalia has been working with kids for 20 years in the realms of childcare and education. She assistant taught at the Sunfield Waldorf Farm and School for 3 years, ran her own aftercare program, summer camps, and has been an instructor in fiber arts for 8 years. Obsessed with all things naturally made by hand, she lived in New Zealand and Guatemala studying felting, weaving, natural dyeing, spinning, and sewing. A graduate of the Evergreen State College, she created her own major in fiber arts and early childhood education. She owns the local business Feral Felt, located in the Pickford Art Studios, where she instructs adults as well as children in the arts of the wild world of wool. Teaching is her greatest passion and joy. Natalia was born in Washington state and loves the rain, hiking, and her very fluffy cat, Kali. Every day is a good day to make art and play! For more information about her teaching, wearable art, and sales check out

Thomas Farrell


Thomas has been a music teacher at Samish Woods Montessori School since 2015 and has recently started teaching music at Cascades Montessori Middle School. A self-taught guitar player and singer-songwriter, Thomas has been involved in various musical projects in and around Bellingham for over 20 years. He worked as a volunteer with BAAY last year and is excited to expand his role as a music instructor and teach guitar.

Jennifer Johnson


Jennifer is an OG crafter from back when Hypercolor shirts and friendship bracelets were the height of fashion. Having grown up in the plains of Montana with little to do during the long winter months, Jenn spent most of her childhood making and selling her own crafts. Her grandfather, Norman was an amateur photography enthusiast who always brought home the latest Polaroid cameras. This sparked her interest in photography at an early age. She learned on film, developing her own images in the dark room and learning printing techniques before eventually making the shift to digital along with the rest of the world. She is now a local photographer who specializes in portraiture. When she is not photographing, she is running her own bakery, Søt Bake Shop that specializes in cakes and Scandinavian desserts.

Greta Miller


Greta is a WWU graduate in Theatre with a Emphasis in Education. She has studied, and performed at the Boston Conservatory in musical theatre and The London Academy of Dramatic Arts in Shakespeare. She has over 20 years of practice and performance in Theatre and a wide variety of dance, and has instructed youth ballet and modern techniques. Greta loves teaching and sharing the love for the performing arts with others!

Tara Reiter

Theatre & Dance

A native rain-loving, coffee-fueled Washingtonian, Tara is in her third year at Western Washington University pursuing a dance major and a philosophy minor. Her curricular studies have included such subjects as Modern, Choreography, Ballet, Creative Movement for Educators, Dance Arts in Education, Functional alignment, and Ethical Theory. With a passion and enthusiasm for creative movement and integrated arts in education, she aims to help foster a desire to move and dance in her students. Tara's pedagogic belief is that dance is for everyone and movement is an important and necessary aspect of life. Her teaching has a strong emphasis on developing creative exploration skills and encouraging self-affirmative, decision making capabilities. Tara's goal is that her students develop their kinesthetic sense and an appetite for creative movement exploration.

Paul Russell


Paul is a musical mentor dedicated to helping people connect with creative flow and connect through creative expression, nurturing creative being all the while. In addition to a lifetime of music, Paul's background in meditation and physical theater help inform a holistic artistic approach involving body, voice, instrument, mind, and the creative spirit in a learning process that is dynamic, engaging, and fun! For more about Paul, visit

Teaching Assistants

Rae Baitx, Will Voves, Ali Raetz, Dawn Anderson, Cathleen VanBuren, Jessica Rubideaux, Kat Enriquez, Ally Kineman


Juliette Machado

Program Director

Damian Cade

BAAY Operations Manager

Ian Bivins

BAAY Executive Director