Welcome to BAAY at Home!

From Mikyn

At Bellingham Arts Academy For Youth, our mission is to enrich the lives of children through the exploration of the arts. We miss seeing all our students and families in person while we are all staying home to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

About BAAY at Home:

Bookmark this page! New content is being added - check out the weekly featured show on Watch, or see where to hang out together on Create. We want to encourage you with new suggestions for students engage with art and ways for families to connect and play together. Some resources will be offered here on this page (free of charge), and we are developing more formal classes students can register for on our main website www.baay.org.

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We are so glad you are here. :)  Let's connect and explore some art!

P.S. If you are here feeling lonely, send an email to hugs@baay.org and let us know - we would love to send you a virtual hug and remind you that you are loved!

BAAY Show of the Week

From Juliette

At-Home Performances (2020)

This week we are featuring a playlist compilation of at-home performance videos by a few current and former BAAY students. Enjoy! Watch Playlist

Previous shows of the week

Pixie Gnomes (2019): BAAY Pixie Theatre presents Gnomes, an original play inspired by the small, red-capped denizens of the forest with an affinity for all animals. Original script written by Lisa Markowitz and costumes by Chrissy Nelson Ellsworth. Singing, dancing, and acting for everyone! Mega Pixies | Mini Pixies

The Snow Queen (2017): Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale The Snow Queen comes to life on the BAAY stage! The story follows Gerda on her quest through forests, mountains, and hills to rescue her friend Kai from the evil Snow Queen. Directed by Lisa Markowitz and featuring original music by Steve Barnes, The Snow Queen teaches about love and the value of friendship. Cast 1 | Cast 2

The Skylark (2016): A civilization has achieved peace, once and for all. Meanwhile, rumors of ghosts seem oddly frequent. And an unexpected friendship threatens to change everything. The Skylark is an original musical by Steve Barnes, featuring a cast of 21 BAAY performers. Watch Performance

The Stinky Cheese Man (2014): Long-time BAAY director Lisa Markowitz adapted the popular children's book, The Stinky Cheese Man, for the stage. Watch as these young performers bring the fun, whacky story to life through song, dance, and overall silliness! Watch Performance

The Firebird (2019): A long time ago, in a distant land far from here, lived a Tsar named Vyslav. After catching glimpses of a magical creature whose feathers light up the sky, Vyslav sends his three sons on a quest to find this bird, offering half his kingdom as a reward. Things aren’t always as they seem in this new telling of the classic tale. Cast 1 | Cast 2

Yoga Practice

From Juliette

Yoga is a great way to stay active and find peace of mind in your home spaces. Here are some resources that we thought you might enjoy!

Kids Yoga

All Levels Yoga

Get moving with Lisa and friends!

From Juliette

For Juniors and Seniors (ages 9-17): Click here

For Pixies (ages 5-8 or younger): Click here

Create and Hang Out Together! Zoom Dates:

From Mikyn

Students at home - who wants some joy and company? Come hang out with us at scheduled times below. You'll need to have Zoom installed before the meeting time. (Questions? Email the meeting host)

If you are able to support all this with a donation, please click the Support tab at top, but we really just want to connect with you!

Upcycling Crafts with Dana

Tuesdays at 2pm! Starts May 19th!

Video meetings will be held via Google Meet:


(Google Meet works as a simple video link in a browser; on a phone you need to install the Google Meet app)

Creatively re-purpose items from your recycling or around your home to make arts and crafts and gifts, while we share jokes and riddles and trivia! Each week will list items to bring to work with. Email any questions about this meeting or to join her email list about it.

Tuesday, May 26 supplies: index cards, magazines, glue sticks, scissors, old greeting cards, modpodge.

Impressions with Ian

Noon on Wednesdays! Starts May 6

NOTE - meeting is not happening on May 27!

Zoom link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/5476863016

Password is all caps: BAAY!IAN

Ian will lead you through a very physical and vocal approach to characterization. Let’s mimic our favorite celebrities or ones from the recent past! Improve your acting abilities and make measurable growth with BAAY’s Executive Director. Ian has over 20 years of professional experience in the performing arts and is excited to share and mentor the next generation of artists! Email any questions about this meeting.

Dana’s Textile Crafts Chat

Thursdays at 2pm! Starts May 7

Video meetings will be held via Google Meet - join here: https://meet.google.com/mnu-xntd-tjk

(Google Meet works as a simple video link in a browser; or on a phone you need to install the Google Meet app)

Collect this week's suggested materials (see below) and come create together - or just come hang out and visit if you want. Dana leads a creative idea and the group shares ideas together. Email any questions about this meeting or to join her email list about it.

Thurs, May 28 supplies: men's button-up Oxford type long sleeve shirt, scissors, straight pins, hot glue gun or sewing supplies. If you don't have these supplies on hand, no worries - join and learn the idea for another time, and we can talk about modifying the project based on what you do have!

Fireside Chat with Lisa, Evan and Carly

Thursdays at 6pm! Starts May 7

ZOOM link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/78848119274?pwd=LzBSSjBacEJYQWNNdHExNTE2amNsdz09

Join Lisa, Evan and Carly for some live chatting, improv story-telling, and overall fun.  We’ll sit, sometimes with our favorite stuffies, and talk about whatever you want!  Need advice?  We’ve got it.  Need to tell a story about the crazy thing your dog did that day?  We’re ready to listen!   Want to share your favorite BAAY memory?  We can’t wait to hear it!  It’s all about connection, laughter and good times.  Pull up a chair by the fireside (metaphorically speaking) and join us! Email any questions about this meeting.

Dana’s "Busy Hands" Chat

Fridays at 2pm! Starts May 8

Video meetings will be held via Google Meet - join here: https://meet.google.com/hdn-jvbn-umh

(Google Meet works as a simple video link in a browser; or on a phone you need to install the Google Meet app)

Bring your drawing or painting or mending or knitting or whatever personal project you happen to be working on! Then grab your pets and a snack and we are off work with our busy hands and hang out! Love to hear about your lazy or busy week - it’s all good with friends! Email any questions about this meeting or to join her email list about it.

Crafts & Costuming with Dana

From Juliette

Monday-Friday at 2:00 PM

BAAY's Costume Shop Manager Dana Reed Crediford has moved her creative activities for students online through Google Meet. Email dana@baay.org to get the link and join in on all the fun!

Creative Writing with Lisa

From Juliette

Any day, any time!

Click here to visit Lisa's Celebration of the Imagination. This is a great way to stay creatively connected during these isolating times. Let's have some fun with words!

Support BAAY at Home

From Mikyn

Thank you for joining us at BAAY at Home during these challenging times, when isolated kids and struggling families need inspiration and connection now more than ever!  

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our mission is to enrich the lives of children through the exploration of the arts, and we can do that in this new way with support from our community.  

If life has gone upside-down for you and finances are rough, please know we are here to support you, and provide you this content with the hope that it can bring some joy. If you have some extra dollars that you can give as a gift to support our instructors through this season, that is welcome. If you are moved to give a larger gift to support BAAY as an organization to make it through this time, we will rejoice in that support. Your gift is fully tax-deductible.

If you are able to give a gift of any kind, click to reach our online Donate page, or make a check out to BAAY and mail it to:

BAAY, 1059 N State St, Bellingham, WA 98225. 

If you have questions about your donation and its impact, or about our organization, please contact our Development Director Mikyn at development@baay.org.

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