Costume Team (Beauty and the Beast)

From conception to construction, Costume Team students work in the shop to research, design, and implement the costumes for BAAY productions. For Beauty and the Beast, the team will meet the cast and take measurements at auditions. Students will discover how to interpret the director’s vision to design and create costumes, and will learn to run the wardrobe track as a dresser backstage! (Some previous experience is helpful.)


13 - 16




  • Dana Crediford, lead costumer


Payment options: $15 per class meeting, or $120 for a punch pass for any 12 class meetings. Available for purchase online or in the office.

Contact Dana to schedule your attendance in advance. Attending all Costume Team class meetings is not required. Work with Dana to develop a schedule that works for you.


Please contact Dana Crediford.


This course occurs September 17 through January 16.

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