Roald Dahl's beloved novel "Matilda" has only recently become a musical, and only very recently become available for performance! This Spring, BAAY Juniors and Seniors will join together to tell the story of a young girl gifted with strange powers. With grit, hope, and love, she takes control of her destiny. Matilda celebrates the love of reading and learning, the wonder of childhood, and the great power of young people. BAAY’s all-star production team is led by Lisa Markowitz and Evan Ingalls.


9 - 16




  • Lisa Markowitz, co-director / choreographer
  • Evan Ingalls, co-director / music director


- A Junior / Senior combo show? Whoa! How will auditions and casting work?

Juniors and Seniors will attend separate auditions (see the schedule). There are some roles that, whenever possible, we’ll be casting Juniors (the role of Matilda, for example). There are other roles that, whenever possible, we’ll be casting Seniors (the role of Miss Trunchbull, for example). There are other roles that are more flexible, and we’ll be widely considering both Juniors and Seniors for those roles. Above all, we will consider the things we usually consider in casting: a person's fitness for the role, experience, previous rehearsal behavior, etc. A copy of our casting policy is posted at our theatre, and available by request.

- So Juniors will be working alongside Seniors?

Yep! We combine ages every summer, and have seen the positive mentorship and responsibility that this setup can support. Furthermore, the show Matilda lends itself perfectly to this combination. The student body of Matilda’s Crunchem Hall is comprised of classes of younger and older children. BAAY students will find opportunities to collaborate with their peers while working alongside older and younger artists.

- There might be a huge turnout. How will that work?

For this spring, instead of our usual simultaneous Junior and Senior shows, we are planning for four casts of Matilda. That’s right. There are enough named roles in the script to accommodate over 100 students when divided into four casts. All the rehearsals will be at BAAY, and the full production team will be able to attend every rehearsal.

- When will rehearsals be?

The rehearsal schedule will be very similar to our existing rehearsal schedule for Juniors and Seniors. Casts will rehearse either Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each cast has two Saturday rehearsals. We’ve gone over the calendar with painstaking detail to make sure that each cast has plenty of time and there are no conflicts. During auditions, parents and their children can indicate scheduling needs with regard to which cast they’ll be placed in. So please, look carefully at the calendar, compare it with your home calendar and school calendar (including when finals are for those high school students!), and indicate your casting needs at auditions.

- Does that mean that there will be four weekends of shows in a row?

Nope! We’ve built in a break week over Memorial Day weekend. Casts 1 and 2 will perform before Memorial Day, and Casts 3 and 4 will perform after. There will be pickup rehearsals for Casts 3 and 4 during the break week to support them in keeping the material fresh.

- I have more questions!

We are happy to answer them! Please contact us.


Please contact Lisa Markowitz.


This course occurs February 3 through June 9.

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