Enriching the lives of children through the exploration of the arts

Upcoming Performances

Fall 2022: Musical theatre galore at our downtown location!

Three different casts of Pixies Aristokittens perform Nov 4-5, Nov 11-12, and 18-19.

Three different casts of BAAY Juniors perform Aristocats in December – tickets on sale now!

BAAY Seniors perform Starmites in January 2023 – tickets on sale now!

See more information about all shows on our Tickets page.

Welcome To BAAY!

Founded in 2006, Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts education organization that offers quality instruction and mentoring in theater, choir, dance, music, and visual arts to youth ages 5-17. The mission of BAAY is to enrich children’s lives through the exploration of the arts.

BAAY serves approximately 1400 children annually in three main programs: at our campus theatre, in our arts-based preschool (closed for 2020-2021), and in EduArts after-school enrichment classes in elementary schools throughout Whatcom County. Through our programs, we create community, and teach children confidence, character and creativity.

Looking for “Theatre Thursday” content shared via the Whatcom Arts Project during pandemic lockdown? Enjoy our Watch page!

Thank you for voting for BAAY as the Gold winner of Best Childcare / After-School Program in Best of the Northwest 2022!

Upcoming Theatre Courses


At our downtown campus theatre, we provide children with a safe and supportive community in which to learn acting, vocal performance, costuming, theatre tech, dance, and theatre devising. Through these classes, we foster respect, cooperation, decision-making, team-building, self-discipline, and self-confidence in young people.

BAAY offers performing arts classes to children ages 5-17 at our theater in downtown Bellingham. We offer over two dozen programs a year. Almost all of those programs culminate in performances, including plays, dance performances, and full musicals like Matilda, Oliver, Little Shop of Horrors, Pippin, Bye Bye Birdie, The Outsiders, Beauty and the Beast, Shrek, and many others. Approximately 5500 children and adults attend productions at our theatre each year to enjoy the arts and celebrate the students’ work. Since 2006, we have staged approximately 200 musicals and plays.

See more on our Theatre page.

See our COVID-19 protocols and policies here.

For Mixed Ages

For Pixies Ages 3.5-8

For Juniors Ages 9-12

For Seniors Ages 13-17

Performance Tickets

Thank you Sponsors!

BAAY is grateful to be supported, in part, by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts. 

Thank you Whatcom Community Foundation for grant funding supporting BAAY in 2022! 

“I Belong at BAAY” October 2020 donors:

In addition to business sponsors, individual donors, and our sustaining monthly Encore donors, in October 2020 during the pandemic we also had a major online fundraiser in connection with a documentary we made about our first 15 years of operation called “I Belong at BAAY” (view it online here).

We are deeply grateful to each and every donor – you are truly buoying BAAY’s mission through this storm when children, youth, families, and communities need the arts more than ever.

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Susan Barrett
Kirsten Barron
Jeanie Bellamy
Michelle Bloomquist
Amanda Boyd
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Susan Buck
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Darcy Carlson
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Anne Marie Long
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Matthew Luxon
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BAAY is deeply thankful for support from our monthly Encore donors, from local businesses, and from generous individuals in our community. Please visit our Thank You Supporters page where we recognize those who help keep the lights on and keep us serving children.