About State Street Theatre Company

BAAY’s State Street Theatre Company (SSTC) is a program dedicated to the artistry and talent of our local youth ages 15-17 (18 if the student is a member of the current year’s high school graduating class). Each summer, SSTC students will work with BAAY’s experienced staff to produce a full-length musical that is rehearsed and performed in the span of weeks, just like the professionals!

What makes SSTC different from other BAAY programs? This program aims to engage students in meaningful ideas through performance art and the integration of more challenging material. As BAAY evolves, we are excited to offer more complex productions for older students to tackle in a supportive and safe space. Our goal is that the SSTC program will prepare musical theatre students for collegiate-level work, and empower them to understand the significance of their artistic expression.

What still makes it BAAY? No one is turned away from the casting process, or for financial reasons. At BAAY we pride ourselves on making our programs as accessible as possible for young people and families in our community. Click here to learn more about BAAY’s tuition assistance program.

Promo video for the 2023 State Street Theatre Company production of Cabaret:

Performance photos from the inaugural State Street Theatre Company production, Spring Awakening, in the summer of 2022: