Note: This meeting ran in summer 2020 and has ended as of September 2020. Let us know what future hangouts you’d like to see!

Fridays 2-3pm Starts July 10th

Video meetings will be held via Google Meet – join here:

(Google Meet works as a simple video link in a browser; or on a phone you need to install the Google Meet app)

Invite me to meet you and your family at your favorite beach! We can both bring baskets of mending, crafts, snacks, and drinks and we will socially distance with masks while we chat for an hour at the shore! I have already met with some students and their parents at Birch Bay, Cherry Point, and Gooseberry Point. Let me know ASAP so I can get you on my schedule! First come, first served. Other attendees can jump on through Google Meet and bring their pets or projects! Email Dana any questions about this meeting or to join her email list about it.