Here ya go!!! Enjoy, don’t judge, and let the poems sing.

The Day the Dinosaurs Didn’t Sing!
Words: Accordion, Button, Mouse
The day the Dinos didn’t sing

Was quite a miserable day.

Their accordion player tripped and fell

Yes, it was a miserable day

He tripped on a button

A quite shiny button

Covered in glitter and string

The dinosaurs were too miserable

They didn’t try to sing.

Then the T rex had an idea

“We’ll google what to do!”

They set a trap and caught a mouse

And had a computer delivered

They googled what to do if,

Your accordion player trips on a button,

That’s covered in glitter and string

But even google didn’t know

And that’s why the dinosaurs didn’t sing.

-Chelsea Li


The Primrose of Blankets
Words: Flashlight, Whiteboard, Hairbrush
There once was a blanket

The blanket was beautiful

The primrose of blankets

For it was a wonder

Sometimes it even,

Seemed to have glowed

Like a flashlight’s pale, yellow light

It gave warmth

And was soft,

Like a hairbrush on hair

This primrose of blankets

Was amazing for long,

But, even the beautiful, most spectacular

Must come to an end

So, this primrose of blankets,

Must wear away

Like marker on whiteboard

Must fade away

Though it is nice,

And once had a place

The primrose of blankets,

Has had its days.

-Chelsea Li


Off The Top Of My Head
Words: Evergreen, Mango, Helicopter
Off the top of my head

That’s where words come from

When I can’t think of what to say

When my brain is whirling

Like a helicopter

That just won’t stay

Off the top of my head

That’s where I decide

What I’m about to do

Like when I chose to eat

A rotting mango

Oh, if only I knew

That the top of my head

Can be quite impulsive

When my thoughts are stuck in muck

I wish they would stay put

Like an evergreen

Waving hopelessly without luck

And I know that someday

My impulsiveness

Well, it’s gonna pay

Off the top of my head

That’s where this comes from

Cause I can’t think of what to say

-Meaghan MacGregor


Cookie Dance
Words: Rose, Wiggles, Scarf
The lights in the theater are dim

I sit glued to my seat, in a trance

As the announcer, a blueberry scone

Says, “And now, for the cookie dance!”

Six cookies parade from the curtains

Each in a scarf, looking sharp

Then the music starts to play

Drums, trumpet and even a harp

The cookies start to wiggle

Then soon, they’re full on dancing

Leaping, spinning, kicking

Bouncing, shaking and prancing

All too soon, the music’s over

I throw a rose on the stage, I clap

“What are you doing?”

Someone says, I look up with a snap

The stage is gone, the lights are on

The cookies are in their jar

I turn away, angry because once again

I let my imagination get too far

-Meaghan MacGregor


The Crunch Of My Breakfast
Words: Paintbrush, Bicycle Helmet, Ballet Slipper
I opened up the cupboard to find…

Well, I must be blind

It was completely vacant.

“Mom, there’s no cereal!” She shouted back, ” Be patient! ”

I was famished

If the cereal vanished

Then I would go and buy cereal myself

I grabbed my bicycle helmet from beside the bookshelf

And rushed outside with my bike

This would be a long hike

The store was across the neighborhood

I started on Elmwood

Then crossed onto Alabama Avenue

Watching the urban view

I crossed the road

And slowed

To a stop in front of the store

After locking up my bike I opened the door

It was a maze

I walked through the isles in a daze

There were things from paintbrushes

To rubber duckies, there were people coming by in rushes

They swarmed over the store, pushing small carts

I passed by a lone valley slipper and map charts

Finally, finally I saw it

I was glad I didn’t quit

For there, in front of me, was the cereal

-Iza Wilson


Birds Language
Words: Seashell, Skateboard, Thunderstorm
The air is thin, the mercury plummets

And the hairs on my head stand on end.

A thunderstorm is rolling in.

Come inside, they say, but I don’t go just yet.

I grab a seashell from the beach,

The forgotten garment of a creature long gone,

And press it to my ear to hear a rumbling of ocean waves,

Of shipwrecks and sailors lost at sea,

Of sirens, singing sweetly to pass the time, unaware of the grief they bring.

These are the same tales that the birds call to each other from the treetops-

The screeching gulls spinning stories with eloquence and fervor.

A skateboard rolls past, scraping on the concrete,

Its rider no one but the wind.

“Percussion!” The birds scream gleefully.

It makes their stories more exciting, they think.

I run inside, shell clutched to my chest

Over my heart.

It will make for good listening as the sky opens outside

Someday, I will learn to understand the birds

And hear the stories uninterrupted by passing fancies

Of the creatures who seashells once belonged to.

-Livia Cohen


I Ate A Carrot. I Did Not Like It.
Words: Bubble, Elephant, Snore
I ate a purple carrot. It tasted very bad.

I thought it was the worst thing, that I had ever had.

I tried it as a pencil, it didn’t even work,

I gave it to an elephant, who said, ’No!’ with a smirk.

I sat down to think, but then began to snore,

I dreamed that I was fishing, sitting by the shore.

Then the lake began to gurgle, and became a bubble bath,

And then I dreamed of numbers, like I was doing math.

Counting all the carrots in my mouth and hand,

My mouth went CHOMP, like a snapping rubber band.

Then I woke up, my eyes fluttered open,

I saw the carrot in my hand, and then I started hopin’,

That maybe if I nibble a little every day,

After 7 tries, carrots might just be okay?

-Will McGough


The Mechanic And The Teacup
Words: Mallard, Salmonberry Blossom, Sunflower
Once there was a salmonberry blossom

A mallard swam by

“Oh look a sunflower”, it said

A Mechanic walked by with a teacup

-Gwen Pigeon


The Surfer’s Surfboard
Words: Puppy, Crabapple, Newt
A puppy ate a crabapple and went crazy and

crushed a newt on accident

the Newt slapped the dog and

ran away to hide under a rock

Then the dog ran to find it

but then it found a rock that was walking away instead

So the dog ran at the rock


and fainted and got dizzy

at about an hour from then it woke up

got up and was walking away

looking to see if the rock was following it

and it banged into its owners house

and there was a hole in the house

and all the animals were having a party

and ran out and seemed to make the hole bigger

the dog was still running

it messed up the furniture

and it couldn’t stop running

and what stopped it was a turtle

and it landed on top of the tallest apartment building

and it managed to run off onto another building

then onto a car and the car went home

to fix the holes in the house

and the dog was safe at home again

– Gus Pigeon


When I Was Smaller
Words: Teacup, Fractals, Salmon
Belly to swing I walk in circles

tighter and higher I go

squeezing my belly until

I can’t go any further


I spin so fast

watching fractals of

the world blur past

Out of control


Dizzy I stumble to the blanket

where my teacup sits

Pink salmon swim around its edge

Do they like to spin?

Next time they’ll come along

-Mandy Pigeon


Once Upon A Time There Was The End
Words: Ice cream sundae, Paleontologist, Astronaut
Long ago in a town of snow

I was walking down to the old ice cream sundae show

When a paleontologist screamed at me

He yelled, “The astronaut should let me be!”

He said the astronaut took all his meat

And I said “Oh fiddlesticks!” and he laughed at me

So I kept walking past the Sweet Ice Cream Shoppe

Where you get fudge and whipped cream and best of all a cherry tree

And after that the Paleontologist shows us

What it will be like to see a real dinosaur

Then the astronaut would demonstrate what you will experience in space

The astronaut would rise off the floor and out the door, singing all the way

Then again the Paleontologist will dig up dinosaur bones,

Skinny ones and even ice cream cones

And then, Oh no, the show has ended

With red and white flames that say,

The End.

-Owen Hill