Please enjoy! Remember, this space is a judgement-free zone. If something doesn’t make sense to you, enjoy its nonsensical-ness. If something sounds weird to you, enjoy its weird-sounding-ness. If something boggles your brain, let your brain be boggled. I love how different everyone’s imaginations are. This first project has made me even more excited for the next one.
If you haven’t sent your poem in yet, you still can! If you sent yours in and you don’t see it, please e-mail me. It may have gotten lost in the mix. Also, let me know if something looks wrong with your poem. The Green Page puts everything in the same format, so it may look a bit different. I’m sorry about that…but the words will speak for themselves. =)
WORDS: Boy/Magic/Ripple
the sky is crying tears of blue

who has mad cow disease? Winnie the pooh

even though the cows were locked up in a zoo

the magic in the world has been withdrew

the boy has just spilled all his fondue

one ripple of water just became two

war is still here and that’s an issue

an innocent pig just became BBQ


WORDS: Mountain/Coffee/Cherry Blossom
MOOD: Scared
Up the mountain up.

Coffee in her cup.

she fell out of a tree straight into coffee.

The cherry blossom grows, grows and grows.

It really starts snow, snow and snow.

The mountain is cold.

The mountain is dark.

There’s a sound in the trees, it hums like bees.

Up the mountain up.

Coffee in her cup.


WORDS: Grape/Cabinet/Peacock
MOOD: Angry
My snack is now gone and I’m needy.

I’ve lost every last grape, yes indeedy,

For the cabinet latch

Was from a poor batch

And the Peacock exceedingly greedy.

It wasn’t Ben’s fault, so I heard,

But I’m fuming as I hear the word,

And with nothing to chew

I’m not sure what I’ll do

If I should get my hands on that bird!


WORDS: Oatmeal/River/Tea Cup
MOOD: Creepy
Where is the oatmeal? (drip drop)

In the cave. (drip drop)

Which cave? (drip drop)

The one with the river. (drip drop)

Which cave with the river? (drip drop)

The one with the tea cup. (drip drop)

The one we are in? (drip drop)

Yess-ssss. (drip drop)


WORDS: Deodorant/Polar Bear/Pineapple
MOOD: Angry
There once was a polar bear named Icey.

He met his wife to eat.

At the restaurant he smelled a smell.

It smelled like rotten eggs and stinky feet!

He grrrd and grrrd and his wife said what’s wrong?

Icey sniffed his wife and said you forgot to put deodorant on!

So he grabbed a piece of pineapple and squirted it on her arm pits.

Then they enjoyed their meal and he said next time don’t forget!


WORDS: Cow Bell/Book/Cookies
MOOD: Creepy
Inside a grim cowbell

The dark of the ripped book

And the time deciding how to creep


Here come your cookies

Heed their jazz hands


WORDS: Skateboard/Plum/Grasshopper
MOOD: Angry
as it sped down the road

at 9 miles per hour

green as a grasshopper or a toad

i stared as it came but not to cower

my face turned purple

purple as a plum

as i watched that skateboard go by

wishing it was mine

steam came out of my ears

as i walked home racing the fleeting sun


WORDS: Sock/Egg Salad Sandwich/Dog
MOOD: Creepy
Dog’s stomach growled.

He put a sock on each paw but one.

He searched to no avail, one sock

was gone.

He set off to eat anyway.

At the shop, he holds his egg salad sandwich,

his mouth waters.

Dog bites, but tastes fabric.

“My sock!”


WORDS: Platypus/Bowl/Comedy
MOOD: Confused
What is this that I find within my bowl?

Is it not some life-full marsupial?

A kind of kangaroo, or platypus?

Not breakfast food that I have ever seen.

I cannot well consume another life,

Not such a species so endangerèd.

Is it such wicked cosmic comedy

That I should have my food, but cannot eat?


WORDS: Narwhal/Unicycle/Thumbtack
There is a trash can

Four objects sit inside

a narwhale who’s horn is more of a nub now

A unicycle small and broken

The wheels uneven

A thumbtack that did not do its job

And a piece of plastic

It’s one job was to be thrown away

Why are these all in the trash?

Because we can


WORDS: Moose/Legs/Paint
MOOD: Angry
She threw her paint and palette at her feet

They splashed her legs with radiant color

She muttered and cursed in defeat

She’d never worked this hard before

When it comes to art she feels obtuse

Because how the heck do you paint a moose?!?


WORDS: Intersection/Bread/Cave
MOOD: Creepy
I get into my car, my car made of bread.

This whole road trip is getting in my head

Should I go back into my sad dark cave,

Or should I continue on and be brave?

I stop at the intersection and am about to go on, when I see a lonely duck singing my favorite song.

Things are getting scary,

and I go back to my dark sad cave,

with my roommate Mr. Toad.


WORDS: Puffball/Beaver/Trampoline
MOOD: Creepy
once… a catastrophe occurred

a PUFFBALL went missing

ba, ba, ba!

Detective BEAVER went after her

They found her missing

A brain!

Smiling to the moon

And the moon stared back

The moon looked like a TRAMPOLINE

But one not looking like the moon

What is this phenomenon

Doo, doo, doo, doo doo

That’s all for now

On the Imagination Networks

Doo doo doo, doo doo doo


WORDS: Rabbit/Graphic Novels/Unicorn
MOOD: Angry
Day 12 quarantine I’m alone in my room

Reading graphic novels one maybe two

My parents are fighting I wish they would can it

While I hope I would just disappear like a rabbit

I look through my window at the scruffy yard outside

My little sister making a unicorn and toad collide

I’m pulled away by the screaming of my name

People always telling me that I’m not to blame

Day 12 quarantine I’m alone in my room

Reading graphic novels one maybe two


WORDS: Koala Bears/Building/Avocado
MOOD: Scared
As I was walking down the street eating some avocado toast,

I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to boast,

Only to find a Koala bear who was 100 feet high,

He was taller than a building, he was taller than the sky,

Not knowing what to do, I screamed and ran

All the way home up to my room

I could hear his footsteps boom.

So I hid under a blanket.

Then I woke up.


WORDS: Cracker/Wheelbarrow/Rats
MOOD: Happy
Once there was a family of rats,

Looking and scurrying for food.

There was nothing in sight…

Except one cracker of delight.

Agreeing on fairness was hard,

Nothing would be right.

Then all of the sudden, a wheelbarrow came

And the cracker was smashed

Into fair and honest nibbles.

And they all yelled, “Horray! Horray!”


WORDS: Cake/Caterpillar/Kalimba
MOOD: Confused
The cake was frosted and three tiers tall

Placed on a table midst colors of fall

A Caterpillar now laden with wings

A semblance that age comes to claim all things

And the child sat in the very last row

She’s young right now, but someday she’ll grow

She sits silently without comprehension

Unaware of the room that is filling with tension

She sits and a tune slow and shrill

The Kalimba a gift from her late grandma’s will


WORDS: Backpack/Skyscraper/Thimble
On a warm summer day

In a field, far away

A small girl had come to play

Where the long grasses sway

Left her backpack without a glance

And barefoot, she started to dance

Her skirt twirled as she pranced

Colorful flowers in her hands

The trees, skyscraper-tall

Watched her, enthralled

The flowers, thimble-small

Saw that she had not a care at all

She untied her braids and smiled

Let the ribbon float a while

Towards the sinking sun

Because this was a day of fun


WORDS: Sushi/Cakes/Door
MOOD: Angry
Outside my window

There’s a dome of trees

And it looks like a parachute

Swaying in the breeze

That’s all for now

Cause I can’t think of rhymes

I hope that this poem

Wasn’t a waste of your time


WORDS: Rabbit/Macaroons/Hellebore
MOOD: sad
The macaroons all disappeared long ago.

The hungry rabbit hobbles along in search of dinner.

He comes along a hellebore flowers and nibbles on it’s leaves.

The morning comes and the rabbit rests motionless on the ground.

-Raya S.

WORDS: Wax/Artist/Planet
There was an artist who made sculptures

Not just any sculptures, but

wax sculptures

One day a planet came and…

squashed her world.

Ruining all the wax she loved.


WORDS: Snowflake/Shoulders/Tree
MOOD: Creepy
She ran into a tree,

Which made a single snowflake fall.

Something brushed her shoulder. She


She turned, and it was gone.

She began to flee the woods, panicked.

The next day, the news reported a

missing persons. It was the girl.

-Rheya H.

WORDS: Pencils/Lampshade/Sea Cucumber
Fred the sea cucumber loved to draw all he saw

He loved all his colored pencils, he never used stencils

Then one day a wave washed him on the shore

He wasn’t going to see his friends anymore

That night an owl named Rex Vladivlaire saw Fred from the air

He flew down and said, “Can we be friends, what’s your name?”

Fred sniffed and said, “I’m Fred and drawing’s my game.

We can’t be friends. I’m in the sea. You live in the sky”

“Could you draw me, before I fly up-high?” But Fred said, “Goodbye,

It’s dark and I have no lampshade today.” Then Fred washed away.


WORDS: Ottoman/Possibility/Flower pot
MOOD: Scared

try not to think about how dark it is

The possibility of rain hangs in the air

Shifting the shadows

Unfortunately, this is the part of town where people don’t think to buy

An ottoman for their best chair

They all stand out on their balconies holding a red flowerpot

And wait for me to pass

What a peculiar night


WORDS: Rhizome/Globe/Hot Air Balloon
MOOD: Happy
Twas a happy hot air balloon.

Though there was one thing that you had to assume,

Was strange about the assumed-on balloon.

At the bottom of this balloon were two flowers continuously growing.

For all these flowers needed to survive,

Was simply the wind blowing by.

But as you can guess,

Things really got into a terrible mess,

‘Cause with many a rhizome growing,

The flowers soon multiplied ten and then twenty!

And the travelers who traveled far around the globe,

Thought that it was really quite funny.

How hard it was not step on a flower,

To ensure that it was not the flower’s last hour.

And the balloon really did think that it was quite nice,

How they nicely respected the flowers’ civil rights

And that is the story of a happy balloon.


WORDS: Koalas/Lollipop/Snake
MOOD: Happy
Mr. Koala loved munching on eucalyptus leaves.

One day the eucalyptus tree ran out of leaves.

Poor Mr. Koala searched for a new tree.

He found a lollipop tree!

Mr. Koala ate a lollipop.

The lollipop tasted like eucalyptus!

This was even better than leaves of eucalyptus!

The End

And there was also a snake.


WORDS: Aardvark/Tornado/Bongo Drums
MOOD: Confused
Once I went to the ballpark

There I met this weird aardvark

Wouldn’t It be funny if his name was mark

We went out to find some plums

He said he also wanted to buy some bongo drums

It was probably for his mums

We were suddenly caught in a tornado

It sure did sound like a radio

Wait weren’t we supposed to go on a talk show?


WORDS: Cow/Book/Panini
Once upon a time

A person was

Eating a panini

And randomly

A cow came in

The house

And it startled the person and

The person dropped the panini

And the person started

Reading a book 💛😊


MOOD: Happy
There was a cow named Gerald

And a reindeer named Bertha

They lived together in a house by the beach

They liked the beach very much

At night they would watch the moon together

And at day they would play in the water

They liked each other very much

they were always joyful when they were around each other.


WORDS: Cosmos/Squid/Stage
MOOD: Angry
I messed up my

blocking, and

now they are


I said my lines

wrong and I

messed up my


Maybe the

Stage isn’t my

thing, Perhaps I

should try

being king

All my dance

Moves were

whack and then

I fell smack…



tried to play the

role of the

squid, but after

all I am just a


I really needed

my space, so I

went to the Cosmos


know, that

burger place?


WORDS: Batter/Light/Faith
MOOD: Happy
A battery is sometimes chargeable

Light looks different when it goes through water

I have faith that there will be more than one sun someday


WORDS: Candle/Box/Cumulus Cloud
A candle melts on

A box sitting underneath

A cumulus cloud


WORDS: Chair/Mountain/Light Bulb
MOOD: Scared
She sat in the chair shaking

in the dark, she could see the shape of the mountain

Was it the whole world that was quaking?

She sat in that chair straining

In the chaos, she heard the smallest of whisper

Was it just the loud sky raining?

She sat in their chair like a bump

In the motion around her, she was a statue

The light bulb flicker made her jump


WORDS: Raindrop/Music/Popsicle

MOOD: Confused

Why does that raindrop fall on my head?

Why do I eat my popsicle in my bed?

I am not sure! I don’t know why!

Why do bees always sting me in the eye?

Nothing makes sense, especially the music.

Why does it always have to be acoustic?

Why do some plants grow up, and some grow down?

Does chocolate milk come from cows that are brown?

I still don’t know why that raindrop fell on my head!

And, why are all the stores all out of delicious bread?

I don’t know! And I don’t think I ever will.

Maybe I’ll write this all down with a quill.


WORDS: Book/Cow/Panini


I was trying to save the cow,

But my panini was burnt somehow.

So I sat down to read a book,

I went to take a look.

And what do you know?

It fell into a brook!


WORDS: dragon/Moon/Archer

Mood: Creepy

Moon’s arisin’ over there

Where the Archer cuts your hair

Dragon’s flesh and dragon’s bones

Across the sand and on the stones

Disappearing over there

And reappearing in your hair

Underneath where all’s acreep

We’re the ones inside your teeth

Making pains all so deep

And remember, don’t brush your teeth!