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What does music look like?
Soft dark purple sounds like a gentle low note on a large gong

-Gwen Pidgeon


Jumps and sways and sharp high kicks

Turns and rolls and tiny ticks

Sharp lines and angles

Shimmies and tangles

Large groups in motion

Make a vibrant potion

A single shape holding

Or so slowly molding

The space changes shape

With grace fills the gape

It vibrates through space

At varying pace

-Mandy and Gus Pidgeon


Rings spiral through the sky

Dancing as if on an

Invisible magic carpet

Bursts of color here and there

Flashing red and blue and

A different color for

Every note

Scales like a staircase

Up and up or down and down

Each step it’s unique color

Each color it’s unique shape

Geometry hidden in the sight

Of music

If no one else can see it

That’s okay

I’ll keep this show of lights

All to myself

Watching it throb to the beat

Watching it dance to the symphony

Of music

-Meaghan MacGregor




And swishing



Yellow daisy

Grey rain

Upbeat tunes

Mournful notes



And turning



Loud and frightening

Quiet and meek

Booming voices

Whispering lyrics



And gliding



Short clips

Lengthy tone




a picture

It already



whoever saw

Or heard it.

-Iza Wilson

What does the color brown sound like?
Brown Brown Whoo whoo

Brown Brown Whoo whoo

Nest in the trees

And owls sleeping at noon

Brown Brown Whoo whoo

Brown Brown Whoo whoo

-Gus Pidgeon


What does the color blue sound like?
Blue is the lakes that

Color the states

I can’t recall it being a mistake

So take it slow, there’s no place to go

It can’t be helped there’s a place to go

Blue is the states covered in lakes

So take me there with you

I can’t recall it being a mistake

Blue is the lakes that cover the places

I can’t recall it being a mistake

And that’s what I sing

That’s what I sing

That’s what I sing

That’s what blue sings

-Owen Hill

What do stars smell like?
I feel like a giant.

My large nostrils can smell the scents of each unique star.

A star hovers above my cupped hands,

Like a bead of rainwater about to fall on my palm.

Shooting stars smell like Coca-Cola,

While white stars smell like fresh bread from right out of the oven.

Red stars smell like BBQ on a summer night,

Blue ones smell like blueberry cotton candy,

And our own sun smells like a loaf of pumpkin bread.

The thing I want to know now is,

What do planets smell like?

-Will McGough


I went on a stroll in the forest

Wondering to myself

What do the stars,

Smell like, smell like,

If they even smell.

I ask the owl,

The owl, the owl

to go up and take a sniff.

The owl comes back and says to me

To me, to me

He says,

The stars smell so nice

They smell much like rice,

Like rice, like rice they smell

All the other birds disagree

For they also took a smell,

A mockingbird says it smells like mangos

Like mangos, like mangos they smell

The eagle he says

He says, he says

The stars they smell like cheeseburgers

Like cheeseburgers, like cheeseburgers they smell,

Soon there became a fight and every bird took off in flight

To look for stars

For stars to smell

And now, again, I’m by myself.

-Chelsea Li


What is the opposite of skydiving?
The opposite of skydiving isn’t as fun as skydiving

Somehow I find myself at the bottom of the ocean

I try to swim to the top

but the air bubbles escaping from my lungs

float up faster than I can swim

my feet feel like a ton of bricks

dragging me down to the seafloor

and don’t get me wrong,

it’s beautiful down there

but I can’t breathe underwater

and you’re not down here with me

-Kelly Kernan