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The tree in the front yard is full of stars.
I hear the car door, and I cringe.

Then I hear the creek of the hinge.

My mom storms in, all in a tizzy.

Then she starts yelling, and it makes me feel dizzy.

“Sara why are their stars on the tree?”

“Stars? On a tree? That’s as crazy as can be!”

“I know What I saw, and I know it was you.

Why just one look and instantly knew!! Fleaijpifams;kfakvapojkpaeojfpaojfpoajf

“Are you ok? What is going on?”

“I think she’s gone crazy, just tell me I’m wrong!”

“You’re probably right. Maybe she’ll be fine”

“Doubt it,” they said “she’s out of her mind!”

-Sara Wilhoite



once upon a time

a girl began to rhyme

she started with a lullaby

and then began to fly

of course she said

i could’ve said said die

but then it would be over

as i rhyme she tells grover

things come to be

including a door that goes squee

just last night she flew over head

and said

as i look up at mars

below me will be a tree filled with stars

and that my friend

is how we’ve reached the end

-Maddy Palmer



Come look!

she said

and pulled me by my fingers

the way you might lead a reluctant dog

I’d barely finished thinking

What’s all the fuss?

when we burst out the screen door

and I could see in the mumbling twilight

that the tree in the front yard

was full of stars

Where did they come from?

Her small voice rang among them

like jewels in a tin can

I didn’t know what to say

so I said what I suddenly felt

was clearly, inexplicably true:

The same place we did.

-Evan Ingalls



There is a single elm tree

Growing alone and lonely

Its hungry arms reaching skyward

Gnarled limbs of ancient past




For a taste of the stars.

Every night

As the moon rises

And the sky burns bright with starlight

Its branches catch and hold

As many as they can.

-Saskia Saling



Along the trunk vines entwined

A mixture of rough and smooth combined

And along the roots that trip and fall

Three blooms of flowers oh so small

And in the branches that twirl and dance

They give the unfortunate a second chance

For here lays stars that shine in pride

A true wonder of worlds collide

For why its here we’ll never know

Almost as strange as the closet veiled in snow.

-Jessie Sawyer



I was watching tv

When my brother said,

“Excuse me!

The tree in the

Backyard is full

Of stars!”

“I know what to

Do. Make a black hole,

to suck up the stars.”

I said. But the black hole

was stronger than I thought.

So in my backyard I was not.

I fell into the black hole,

alongside a garden mole.

-Nicolas Powell



Every drawer in the house is full of sand.
The house flooded

while you were on the deck

with water to the ceiling.

While we were inside floating

I noticed it was salty

From the ocean

And sand was settling

in the drawers.

There are no leaks in the pipes

So that’s all I can say.

-Rue Schoenberger



Well i wanted to go to the beach but that was 3 million miles away, so i yelled at a tree until it told me the way to a wish granting fairy. then i climbed up a mountain, i crossed the desert, i rode a Micropachycephalosaurus over the ocean, acted in karate kid, and visited 79 states. Then i finally found that fairy and told her that i wanted to go to the beach. BUT that fairy was mean and teleported me back home and filled our house with sand sooooooo i quickly called some people and told them that i need all of his sand out of my house! BUT they just put all the sand in all the drawers of our house! And i did not have enough time to throw it away.

-Clover Buchanan



I was sitting on the couch all scrunched in a bunch

watching my show when a cold blow ran through the house

as my girlfriend was home in pants and a blouse.

she opened her spitting drawer to spit

and what she saw made her sit

“There’s sand in my spitting drawer, and I don’t want it there anymore!”

A sudden noise clouded her tears, a laugh from the bedroom

we ran and saw three bears standing there

I grabbed the broom

to shoo away those bears but they went up in a poof of sand

inside of that drawer was a canned band

The contents of everything on the bed they sat

But one thing was missing- MY HAT!

Peggy looked through the rest of the drawers all filled with sand while I cried

to console me she tried

The hat was from my grunkle Aaron

before he was killed by a Karen

(He was the manager)

“How can this occur?”

Peggy questioned aloud as if to a crowd

and indeed a crowd there was

for the simple reason of because

-Molly St. Martin



Every drawer is filled with sand

because of Phil the mailman.

His bag was filled with antique clocks,

cushioned by his purple socks.

Without his socks, Phil’s feet were sweaty

making walking very hefty.

Poor old Phil, dropped his mail

when he saw a hairless tail.

The rats acceded from a pond

and chewed until the clocks were gone.

What was left was antique sand

and Phil who thought that this was grand.

He sold the sand for 12 smooth rocks

to me who wanted a sandbox.

There is no box to put the sand

so in the drawers the sand will land.

– Siena Stiles



“Explain why every drawer is full of sand”

I must lie “how out of this land…”

All the drawers are full and heaping

I look down to keep from peeping

Oh what a sight you might never see

It could be lava, cotton candy, or even tea

But today it was sand, heavy and brown

Tension and confusion silenced ever sound

They would never understand, the reason why

That a square shaped man with a pink bow tie

He reasoned and pleaded, for over an hour

That I might watch his sand while he took a quick shower

Little had I known, that the sand he cared for

Was more than just a handful, when I looked out the door

Piles and mounds rolling over the turf

I think he said 4 beaches worth!

-McKenna Kernan



There’s an elephant in the hot tub.
He walked in through the door

and onto the floor

out the back door

and into the hot tub.

I’ve tried to move him

but he won’t budge.

I guess he likes the hot water.

So I left him there

and read on the couch

until you came home.

-Xavier Tuxill



The elephant came from a magical land.

He didn’t like mud baths that also had sand.

He didn’t feel like he got any cleaner.

In fact, what happened is he only got greener.

So he hopped on a plane to find something to clean him.

He climbed up a tree and hung out on a tree limb.

He saw a small house and thought “That looks just right,”

He walked through the door and what came in sight?

A miraculous hot tub! He splashed and he played.

After looking, he was covered in leaves and hay.

He sank under the water and blew bubbles – blub, blub.

And that’s why there’s an elephant in our hot tub!

-Will McGough



There is an elephant in the bathtub

I swear there is a good story

I was on amazon

Did you know elephants are 1.40?

There’s nothing to worry about

I swear I’m fine

Yes I’m aware,

none of this rhymes

I bought him because

Well, quarantine’s boring…

At least I still got the bathtub working

-Adia Ellsworth



It’s snowing in your bedroom closet.
When my dad came home one night he said:

“It’s snowing in your closet!”

I didn’t know what to say for it was snowing in my closet

I realized that it wasn’t snow but it was mashed potatoes.

It was the leftovers from last Thanksgiving

Who mastered levitation?

They always left a drip drip drip

When I tried to sleep.

Two weeks later drips had stopped

I looked inside my closet

And I said,” Pass the gravy.”

-Chelsea Li



It’s as plain as it can be, the elephant made me bump my knee

I flew across the world and landed “kerplunk” in the sea

I shivered and swam all last night, and when I came to the castle “oh what a sight!”

And they awarded me something with a possibility

They cheered, with some a tear, they danced

And for me a big chest with all those goodies your richies can hold

But as I, I just laughed at them and so they said

“Oh yeah, we’ll take care of that!” as they pointed to a hat and made…

“Wait, umm, what was I supposed to explain..?”, I said to Jane.

And that’s why I’m saying “WHY is it snowing in the closet?!”

And at the rate I’m going I don’t think it will ever happen soon.

-Owen Hill



The boy next door, who’s named Bernard,

And lives in a somewhat muddy barn yard,

Decided to get himself a fine white camel,

But rode him into a prickly bramble.

The camel whistled high and low,

And to Bernard’s surprise it started to snow.

Bernard got scared and away he ran,

But the camel followed him into a can.

They both got stuck,

In the sticky muck,

As the can rolled and struck my duck.

My duck decided to run away,

But the can was sticking like a piece of hay.

My duck ran inside our house,

And got his nose stuck inside a blouse.

And all the while the camel was whistling,

And the snow was following like it was attached to a string.

My duck fell over and rolled in my closet,

And then the camel finally lost it.

He whistled loud, and he whistled clear,

Witch woke me up and hurt my ear.

My closet was now full of snow,

And that is all you need to know.

– Raya Stiles



The kitchen table is stuck to the ceiling.
See, Mom, it started when I got out of bed

Came down with heaps of glue in my head

I started to scream

Before I’d seen

The two flower pots had been wed

They were saying their vows, I rushed

Towards them, extremely flushed

When lo and behold

It became cold

And that’s when the lemonade gushed

I left the vases and ran to get towels

Before it could be eaten by owls

Who were up

In a cup

Emptying their very full bowels

The kangaroo – not sure where he came from

All I know is that he was quite angry and glum –

Then took all my glue

Suddenly flew

And stuck the table on the ceiling, that bum!

-Meaghan MacGregor



I tried to explain

How the table got up there

But I kept laughing

Laughing and laughing

Cause I knew how it did, and

My brother had hid

-Jackson Van Pelt



I was making pancakes.

You said that I could.

I got out ingredients, just like you would.

I poured syrup slowly with no need to race,

But still I spilled it all over the place.

Before I could clean it, a knock on the door…

And a party for me walked in on the floor.

Jugglers and clowns and a guy singing tunes

And each of them carrying a dozen balloons.

When I heard you coming I told them to hide

Under the table, though it isn’t too wide.

They crowded in with the balloons under there

And the table began to rise through the air.

So, because I wanted pancakes and didn’t stay in bed

Our only kitchen table is now stuck overhead.

-Dana Crediford



The bathtub has been replaced with a garden.
A pig took bath,

he left so much grime,

that dirty little swine,

that the consistency was thicker,

than mud.

Then he coughed up his breakfast,

carrots and broccoli,

rotten cabbage and more.

That disgusting little pet,

my mom, she did fret.

Soon all of his breakfast,

it began to grow.

1 inch, 2 inch, 3, maybe 4.

He never even said ‘pardon’.

Oh my, the bathtub has been replaced

with a garden.

-Simone Shellenberger



There is a garden in the

Bathtub because my little sister is

Trying to do a science project

And she accidentally open a portal

To the place where the easter

Bunny lives. Then she took a

Whole garden. But she did not

Think about where to put it,

Sooo, she decided to put it

Ba, ba, baaaaaaa! In the bathtub!




The pages of all the books in the house are missing.
The pages in every book are gone!

Ripped, and torn, they’ve been that way since dawn

How would you explain that?

Well he may look fluffy

but he’s a toughy

So I think the culprit is the cat

-Bijou Darrow



9. The chair in your living room is talking.

Well first off let me

say that the chair

in the living room

isn’t going to stay

I took a trip to

Spain and I was a

bit in pain

I saw the chair over

there and then it

kinda went


It started to bounce

and it suddenly

pounced on top of

a phone that was

ringing a tone

The chair

swallowed it and

started to submit

an application to

Stanford which is

right next to my house

Long story short I

filed a report but

now we’re stuck

with the chair until


-Peyton Zerbes



Everyone in your house is suddenly speaking French.
“Qu’est-ce qui se passe ici?” (what is going on here?)

“Sorry what was that grandpa?”

“Pourquoi un arbre pousse-t-il hors de l’évier?” (why is there a tree growing out of the sink?)

I can’t understand my grandpa!

I don’t know what to do!

There’s a tree in the sink and it’s giving off a stink.

I think he’s speaking french!

How could that have happened?

I know what it was he must have met Mr Batman!

No that couldn’t be he must have been to the sea!

But do fish speak french?

Or maybe he went to the circus and met a talking lion!

But do talking lions speak in french?

Hm well maybe he sat on a bench and talked to the birds and talked to the bees, forgot our native language which is English to you and me, but he’s speaking french right now and I will tell you how.

He met Mr batman while taking a walk,they walked to the sea to see all the fish,the fish told them to go to the circus, so they went to the circus and

met the lion the lion was talking so they talked to the lion, the lion said that the park was nice, so they went to the park while eating some ice, they sat

on a bench and talked to the birds they talked to the bees,my grandpa learned french so now you see, my grandpa leaned french but he can’t speak

to me, which is a problem but the problem just got bigger cause the tree in the sink just turned into some water but the water is a pond and it’s growing out of the sink i don’t know how it’s growing but it’s giving of a stink!

My grandpa is speaking in french and i can’t understand him, maybe i should just go sit on the bench.

-Alice Park