I Have a Window in My Mouth
As I walked

By the lamps and doors

Couches and chairs

Down the furniture aisle I went,

Eating a piece of gum

From left to right the store was packed

Gasping a employee rushed over to me

“How dare you chew gum in this store!”

I was taken by surprise at the sudden anger

Jumping backwards I stumbled into a few doors next to me

Kittens were patterned on the employee’s sweater and they seemed to glare.

Laughing, chuckling, I couldn’t help it, it was hilarious.

“Must you laugh! There’s nothing funny!

Not stopping, I continued to giggle.

Obviously she was getting mad, her face turned bright red.

Placing a lampshade next to me she glared,

“Quiet!” Fine, keep laughing I don’t care. ” She pulled out a wand.

Right across the aisle a crowd was gathering.

Standing up, the employee started to speak something I couldn’t understand.

The wand shook and a bright sparkly color shot out.

Uncertainty I shuffled backwards.

Veering to the right I ducked as a door fell down, powered by the odd magic.

Windows rained down next to me and one landed right in my mouth

Xeric and as dry as a cactus it slid down onto my tongue

“You can’t mess with furniture employees!” shouted the employee.

Zig zagging down my throat I realized, I have a window in my mouth.

-Iza Wilson


The Alphabet With Numbers
An Alphabet in numbers is a very simple thing

Because really, the letters can be any number.

Caring about the letter’s number might be hard to do.

Dare to try,

Even though the regular alphabet is

Fun, and named after the

Greek letters Alpha and Beta.

However, an alphabet in numbers

In truth, isn’t hard.

Just try, I want you to try to say the word

Kangaroo in numbers. You might say 8, if you count every

Letter. However, I

Might say 11, for K’s



Perhaps you could be random for easy,

Quick, writing and



Though, an alphabet in numbers can be really fun,

Usage of letters in an alphabet in numbers is

Very possible.

When I get bored of numbers, I use variables like

X. And now, with that said,

You should try an alphabet with numbers. It’s not

Zany, it’s the best!

—Will McGough


Gus Goes To Vegas
Arriving soon…

Bus grinds to a halt, “LAS VEGAS!”

Come and explore this colorful place

Dance with a monkey or two

Elephants, parade down the streets

Fancy flamingos that flew!

Gus grabbed refreshments, though,

Hungry for more

Ice cream and burgers

Just tired and sore…

Kumquat farmer finds Gus fast asleep

Lying on a tree?

Most peculiar sight,

No farmer would see

On the strike of the lightning

Pouring rain fell

Quite confused Gus,

Rose to a smell

Smelling the hot-dog

That was only half-done

Up came a bird that was

Very fun

Where Gus was, was surprising to all

Xylophones stacked, to help Gus get down

You’d never believe this was real, seeing

Zillions of stars Gus walked away with a frown. Gus will not go to Vegas anytime soon.

-Chelsea Li


The Dog Who Plays Soccer
A dog

Best soccer player in the town

Can you play better

Doubt it

Even if you could your probably just dreaming

Fly a plane to china you’ll find him there

Got a passport, only way you’ll make it

Huh you don’t have one hmmm

I know, you go to Canada and ask for a passport

Just kidding he’s right behind you

Kevin the cat was right behind you and he’s here to take that dog down

Lucky enough he was the 2nd best

Meanwhile the dog heard Kevin’s excited whispers and decided to take a nap

Naps took a long time especially dog naps so when he woke up, he was cranky

Oh, and the dog’s name was Calvin

Put on you shin guards, socks, cleats, and jersey

Quicker than a cheetah was Calvin

“Rude” Kevin said

So anyway, let the games begin!

Tweeeeeet go go go!

Under over sideways SCORE! 1-point for Calvin 30 minutes later they take a break

Very tired but Kevin was practicing

Wait the game still go’s on

Xylophones everywhere

Yeah Kevin scores and the game he is a champion

Zebras everywhere leading a party for celebration!

-Jessie Li


As best as I can explain it, nothing is…

Barrels filled with emptiness

Costly toys at the Dollar Store

Death lurking in life

Estates that are only three square feet

Flips that don’t rotate

Ghosts wandering, wishing for

Hope that has long since been destroyed

Incidents that weren’t an accident

Jack-in-the-boxes with broken springs

Kinks in a tightrope

Laughs without joy

Money without value

Nile rivers filled with dryness

Oaks without bark or branches

Papers you can’t draw on

Quills with no ink bottle

Readers that lost all their books

Systems that don’t operate

Tiles that are all connected

Unicycles that lost their wheels

Vets that don’t take care of animals

What is nothing?

Xylophones that don’t play

You know what nothing it

‘Zat it is everything with no purpose

-Meaghan MacGregor


The Mug That Broke At Midnight

After I received the mug from Zelda, her

Boyfriend Zander said it was ugly,

Commenting in a way I can only

Describe as nauseatingly

Effusive and dripping with disdain. He


Gushed over the hideous color and shape,

Highlighting his opinions

In calculated adjectives

Just to hurt my feelings.

Keeping to my typical

Laconic edge, I


“Not that you have taste to speak

Of,”, (for I was rather

Partial to the way it


Reminded me of his

Sister’s picture of

The two of them holding

Umbrellas in striking

Vermillion on the trip they took to

Wisconsin when he became my


Yikes! Why didn’t I see it before midnight?!

Zander’s face is one ugly mug, and so is this.

-Dana Crediford


The Snow Path I Followed

A snow path lay

Before me

Carefully caved into the

Deep snow, wide


For only one person, me,


Hidden by the trees

I followed it

Just a bit more and I’ll turn back

Knowing that I could could not go on forever

Long did I

Mosey down that trail

Now it is dark but I am not lost

Out here in the snow

Putting one foot

Quietly in front of the other

Rustling my coat

Sleeves, finally I

Turn around

Underneath the stars I have

Vanquished the snow path

Wanting at last to go home, dreaming of

Xenias I wander back home where I know

You are waiting for me with


-Gwen Pidgeon


The Night The Moon Stopped Glowing
Awhile ago

But not too long

Caught in a web

Dangerous song

Every hair stood on end

Fever evening

Goblin gong

High and haughty

Infusion fear

Jealous junipers

Knotted loops

Lumping along

Metal testing

Now is time

Octopus freedom

Pining direction

Quest of all quests

River won’t tell

Secrets of

The night the moon stopped glowing


Velvet blues

When the light refuses

X-ray image

Yellow glow

Zero and all


-Mandy Pidgeon

Are You Sleeping? I Have News!
Once upon a time there was a dog

On radio

That was reporting the news

And said “Are you sleeping? I have news!”

It said “Guess what? The corona virus was just a dream”

Then it screamed, “WAKE UP!”

Corona virus was just a dream

Dog reporting the news, “WUH?”

“I’m gonna try saying that again, the dog reporting the news is done,

Good bye”

-Gus Pidgeon