Write a prose poem in one long, run-on sentence. Very simply put, a prose poem is a poem in the form of a paragraph. Feel free to use commas (,), semi-colons (;), colons (:), ellipses (…), parentheses, hyphens (-), and anything else you can think of! You don’t have to use them properly.

Due Date: Wednesday, May 27th, any time.

**If you did not send me a title but still want to participate, please email me! I will send you a title.

Here’s a weird, random example:

My Nintendo Isn’t Working

So I plug it in (happy birthday to me!) but the wires won’t work and I blow on the cartridge just like my ten year old self but nothing happens-it makes me so sad that I run out the door and my backyard is the woods-I’m not sure how that happened; I live nowhere near the woods but here they are and now I’m quite distressed so I climb up a tree and look out over city for working wires but there are none to be found so I take a nap and I’m dreaming of cheese (no wonder the grumblings of my stomach startle me awake) so I jump in slow motion out of the tree and onto a soft patch of muddy grass, wipe myself off and sit by my Nintendo that still won’t work and now the floor is all muddy and the ice cream cake is melting (happy birthday to me).


Happy writing!!!

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