PART ONE: Send me a title for a poem, as long or short as you want, along with three NOUNS (person, place, thing or idea) that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the title.
**PLEASE stay away from general nouns.

For example, instead of giving me the word ‘FRUIT’, make it more specific, like ‘CHERRIES or APPLE’

Instead of the word PERSON, it could be PERIODONTIST or DOG TRAINER.

Instead of the word FURNITURE, it could be COUCH or NIGHTSTAND.

Instead of the word EXERCISE, it could be YOGA or BURPIES.

Instead of the word WEATHER, it could be BLIZZARD or HEATWAVE.

You get the idea. If you send me any general words, I will send them back to you and ask for something more specific.

Also, no proper nouns, please.

If you have questions, just ask!


Please send them in by this Thursday, April 23rd (my Birthday)!

PART TWO: Stay tuned.