Your mission:

Write a poem using the title and three nouns you’ve been given.

Length: Between 5-25 lines

Rules: Your three nouns have to be in separate lines. That’s it!

Due: Thursday, April 30th, anytime!

Have fun and let the title take you somewhere different. It’s kind of amazing the places our brains can go when we’re given a little something from someone else’s brain. See the nouns you’ve been given. Really see them: how they feel, smell, sound, look, and let them take shape in your imagination. Instead of trying to make the poem happen, just let it. Try the music page if you haven’t yet!

** I have a few extra Title/Nouns for anyone who would like to write more than one poem. Please let me know!

** If you don’t see your name, email me.

You’ll find your titles/nouns below!

Title: The Crunch Of My Breakfast

Nouns: Paintbrush, Bicycle Helmet, Ballet Slipper

Title: Off The Top Of My Head

Nouns: Evergreen, Mango, Helicopter

Chelsea Li
Title: The Day The Dinosaurs Didn’t Sing

Nouns: Accordion, Button, Mouse

Title: Once Upon A Time There Was The End

Nouns: Ice Cream Sundae, Paleontologist, Astronaut

Title: The Mechanic And The Teacup

Nouns: Mallard, Salmonberry Blossom, Sunflower

Title: The Surfer’s Surfboard

Nouns: Puppy, Crabapple, Newt

Title: When I Was Smaller

Nouns: Teacup, Fractals, Salmon

Title: The Darkness In My Button

Nouns: Running Coach, Scissors, Raindrop

Title: Birds Language

Nouns: Seashell, Skateboard, Thunderstorm

Title: Thoughts On Eating An Apple

Nouns: Smart Car, Chicken, Railroad Station

Title: I Ate A Carrot. I Did Not Like It.

Nouns: Bubble, Elephant, Snore