Use your three words to write a poem. Please let me know if want me to put it on the Green Page without your name, or if you don’t want it up at all. If you don’t tell me either of these things, I will post your writing on the Green Page for everyone to enjoy! This is not a place of judgement. It’s a place to enjoy each other’s imaginations and to get whacky. Every poem will be different, and that is awesome.

There are LOTS of rules. Creative freedom can often be found in restrictions, so don’t fight them. Embrace them!! I find that these kinds of exercises take your brain to places you didn’t know it could go. =)

1. You MUST use your three words

2. They CANNOT be in the same line

3. NO MORE than ten lines and NO LESS than five

4. Line length is up to you

5. You CANNOT make your noun plural, and if it’s already plural, you MUST leave it that way (If you word is RATS, you cannot change it to RAT, and if you word is UNICORN, you cannot change it to UNICORNS).

6. You CANNOT trade words with your friends.

5. You have been given a mood for your poem. The actual mood word CANNOT be in your poem (if your mood is happy, the word HAPPY cannot be in your poem). How you interpret the mood is up to you. Find a way to imaginatively color your poem with your mood…if someone were to read it, they might say, WHOA, that’s creepy, or WOW, that’s super sad, or GEEZ, that’s so happy! Think about showing what the mood is, rather than telling us.

Even though you must abide by these rules, poetry does not have to make sense! Be silly, be crazy, and don’t judge your work. Things that make sense to one person might not make sense to another. This is about exploring, having fun, and expanding your minds and imaginations.

Please keep things appropriate. You’re all smart and you know what that means. That being said, don’t be afraid to be weird!

**If you missed this one altogether, I will give you three random words. If you were a part of it and forgot, I can tell you what your three words are.