Your mission: Write a poem explaining something unexplainable. Your explanation should be as unlikely and ridiculous as possible…the more outlandish and improbable (even impossible) the better. Have fun! Don’t think too much and try not to judge your work.

**Poetry does NOT have to rhyme, but it can. It does NOT have to make sense, but it can. It might sound more like a mini story. That’s cool, too.

Please keep it between 5-20 lines.

DUE DATE: This Friday, April 3rd, by 4:00 PM.

** I am going to send some music to your grown ups (or to you, if you gave your email). It’s almost all instrumental. I always listen to music when I write. I find that it frees up my mind and puts me in a different zone. You are welcome to listen to some of the songs I’ve included and let it inspire you. Give it a shot!

The scenario:

Your grown up (or someone you live with) has come home and discovered something really strange and they want an explanation. You can choose ONE of following situations:

1. The tree in the front yard is full of stars.

2. Every drawer in the house is full of sand.

3. There’s an elephant in the hot tub.

4. It’s snowing in your bedroom closet.

5. The kitchen table is stuck to the ceiling.

6. The bathtub has been replaced with a garden.

7. Your pillow is now a watermelon.

8. The pages of all the books in the house are missing.

9. The chair in your living room is talking.

10. Everyone in your house is suddenly speaking French.

Get to writing, everyone!