Dear beloved community,

Last month, we received word from our landlords that the building will be put up for sale. We first processed with BAAY’s Board of Directors and then with staff. Some of you may have noticed that the building was listed publicly on Monday.

Since the facility is fully-rented and mixed use with two commercial tenants, nine apartments, and over 18,000 square feet, we expect interest in it to be high. The first tours are already scheduled for this Thursday. We are all doing our best to remain positive and view this as an exciting new stage for BAAY — pun intended!

At this time, we want to make it known that BAAY is here to stay. As many of you have felt, BAAY isn’t so much a physical place as it is a feeling and philosophy. We feel confident that we can run this organization from any building. Our incredible staff, students, and families can help us be sure of that!

Before the building was listed, we received a commitment from our current landlords to ensure BAAY’s tenancy through June 2024. Our team is in ongoing creative and financial conversation to determine the best course of action from there. We are considering all options, including purchasing the building ourselves. We love our home at 1059 N State, and it would break a million hearts to have to move out. But we are a resilient organization that can weather many storms, and we trust that either way, the future will be bright for BAAY.

We will keep our community informed as things evolve. Please reach out if you have any questions (or if you know someone with $1,925,000 to spare).


Juliette Machado, Operations Director
Olivia Theilemann, Artistic Director