These 5-week, 10-meeting courses with Dana will teach research, production structure, design, and communication skills. You’ll develop a design notebook and mood boards. Share your work with the rest of the team and defend your choices!

NOTE: Update for Session 2: Due to student-led creative interests and demand, we’re modifying the format to more broadly include other projects beyond collaboratively designing a specific show together as usual. Are you illustrating a book? Designing a cosplay? Writing your own play that needs costume designs? Working on a film with your friends? If there’s a special project you’ve been wanting to work on, this is the place to make it happen! Share your sketches and ideas with your classmates for inspiration and applause. Meetings are held online via Google Meet.

Tuition: $100

Staff: Dana Crediford, Instructor

Dates: This course will run in 5-week sessions, July 27-Aug 26, M/W 2:00-3:00 pm.

Our intention is to provide in-person instruction for every course if and when public health restrictions allow. For the most part, we expect this will mean Session 1 begins via Zoom & moves to in-person; we hope all Session 2 classes will be in-person. For families who prefer and request to have attendance via Zoom after in-person meetings begin again, we will strive to continue offering that attendance option, to increase accessibility.

Questions? Please contact Dana Crediford.

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