Learn the techniques to create a few special effects with makeup, like gashes and bruises, and theatrical effects, which can cover a variety of departments.

For any theatre artist, ready to learn!

Ages: 9 – 17

Tuition: $60

Staff: Dominic Salas, Instructor

Notes: Class content goes out in weekly modules via YouTube link. Live meetings on Fridays at 12noon-1:00pm.

Our intention is to provide in-person instruction for every course if and when public health restrictions allow. For the most part, we expect this will mean Session 1 begins via Zoom & moves to in-person; we hope all Session 2 classes will be in-person. For families who prefer and request to have attendance via Zoom after in-person meetings begin again, we will strive to continue offering that attendance option, to increase accessibility.

Questions? Please contact Dominic Salas.

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