Description: We are thrilled to offer private voice lessons with the wonderful Gabi Gilbride for senior students ages 13-17! These lessons will give students a foundational understanding of healthy vocal practices, and provide space and agency to explore unique choices as singers/singing actors

Ages: 13-17

Dates: This is up to families to arrange with the instructor, in terms of specific lesson appointment time/day. Lessons offered on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis, with the option to schedule single lessons if there are open hours. Available only until early January 2022.

Format: Course meetings will take place in person, following public health guidelines. Zoom will remain an option for families who prefer online lessons.

Instructor: Gabi Gilbride

Tuition: $35 per 50-minute lesson. At checkout, select the number of “spaces” for the number of lessons you wish to book.

Questions? Please contact Gabi Gilbride

Want to learn more about Gabi (and hear her sing)? See an interview here:

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