Description: Explore dungeons, slay (or befriend) dragons, and create unforgettable stories with your friends! This camp will guide students through interactive and highly creative tabletop role-playing games – no screens, just pencils, paper, and tons of imagination.

We’ll gain experience in creating original characters, imagining fantastical worlds of any genre, and living out unique narratives by making decisions in character, speaking in character, maybe even dressing in character. Learn the foundations of storytelling, cooperative gameplay, and creative problem solving. This course uses a simplified tabletop RPG (role-playing game) called Freeform Universal.

This is part of Home BAAYse Camp for summer 2024. Families are welcome to register for multiple camps to create longer days at BAAY! Click here to view the visual schedule for session 2 and see what other camps pair well with this one. Students can remain at BAAY for breaks up to 30 minutes in between their camps. For longer breaks between camps, students will need to leave campus and return at the scheduled time because we cannot guarantee staff supervision.

Ages: 9-12

Location: BAAY Campus – Upstairs

Dates: July 8-19, Monday-Friday from 2:30-4:30 PM

Instructor: Michael Pulliam

Tuition: $240
Tuition assistance available – see our financial aid page here.

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Questions? Email to reach our office for general questions.
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