Interested in expressing your creative musical side? We’re going to explore the art of songwriting. This course will include learning about song forms, studying songs in popular music, and (most importantly) creating your own!

(Prior interest/experience writing songs, as well as playing an instrument, are preferred but not required for this class!)

Ages: 13-17, or 18 by permission

Tuition: $60

Staff: Evan Ingalls, Instructor

Dates: July 27 – Aug 21, Tue 12-1pm.  Weekly Zoom meetings on Tuesdays at noon-1pm with the group, video/internet correspondence as well for feedback and instruction. Even if Washington is in Phase 3 or beyond, and other courses are happening in person at BAAY, this class will continue to meet in an online format.

Questions? Please contact Evan Ingalls.

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