This course takes a fun look at the technical aspects of theatre. Learn tech vocabulary, how to set up and interact with consoles, important knots, and so much more! We will also be looking at how lighting, sound, and scenic design affect scenes, how they interact with each other, and the role they play when looking at a show in performance. You’ll watch shows differently after gaining these insights. Learn how tech design choices enhance the character of the production with color moods, lighting, set, and more!

For any theatre artist, ready to learn!

Ages: 9 – 17

Tuition: $180

Staff: Dominic Salas, Instructor

Notes: Class runs six weeks, Nov 6 – Dec 11; content goes out in weekly video modules midweek via email and YouTube link. Live discussion meetings (via Zoom) happen on Fridays at 3:30-4:30pm.

Our intention is to provide in-person instruction for every course if and when public health restrictions allow. For the most part, we expect this will mean Fall 2020 will be via Zoom. For families who prefer and request to have attendance via Zoom after in-person meetings begin again, we will strive to continue offering that attendance option, to increase accessibility.

Pairs well with Makeup and Special Effects, which meets directly after this class on Fridays.

Questions? Please contact Dominic Salas.

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