Bringing performing and visual arts education to elementary and middle schools throughout Whatcom County.

I appreciate the overall commitment to students, in addition to the excellent arts instruction.

Eric Paige, Carl Cozier Principal

My niece was in the "Happy Days" play at Fairhaven Middle School last year and she loved it. She also grew as a person, which was fantastic to see. I would love for her to continue to expand on her love of the theatre and get her in more activities that will help promote healthy friendships and a lasting impression of creativity.

Katie Buckley, aunt

I think kids are natural improv artists, and it's so great to see them feeling successful.

Julie Batten, Columbia Principal

A huge thank you for giving my daughter a scholarship to participate in this class at Northern Heights Elementary. Before this class, she suffered from stage fright. In everything. But after doing the Creative Theatre class with EduArts, she was in a school musical and had a speaking part! She was front and center and smiling, and apparently volunteered for the part. I know we have the Creative Theatre class to thank for this.

Jennifer Bonstein, parent

I like the classes after school because I get to spend more time with my friends and get to have tons of fun! I especially like to learn dances and memorize my lines.

Tori, 3rd grader

EduArts will work with you to design a program that's best for your school!

This program is supported, in part, by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission (now also known as "ArtsWA") and the National Endowment for the Arts.