Get moving with Lisa and Carly!

Let's groove! Feel the burn, get jumping and move your whole body with this energizing dance warm up. And just how many jumping jacks are happening here?!? Targeted for BAAY Juniors and Seniors (age 9-17), but younger and older people can enjoy this "Dolce Vita" too....

Creative dance games with Mandy

Creative dance games with singing and movements. Play "This is the way we...." and see how many sleep animals you can become with Mandy!

Creative Dance with Mandy

Warm up your body with Mandy! Giant steps, gentle stretches, and zooming down the freeway. Perfect for younger friends who love to move and have imaginative fun.  

Pixies warm-up with Lisa and Evan!

Get your imagination and your body moving! What does it look like to freeze like a starfish or blow through a rainstorm (did it really rain in the theatre)? Have fun with some crazy dance moves. Target age 5-8, but younger and older people will get "Happy" too!...

Yoga Practice

Yoga is a great way to stay active and find peace of mind in your home spaces. Here are some resources that we thought you might enjoy! This yoga practice for kids is designed by an instructor here in Bellingham, Washington, to help kids who are feeling stressed,...