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Thanks for your patience, you awesome people, you.


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I need one more person for Collaborative Stories...BUT...I would really love a WHOLE BUNCH MORE! It would be super fun to keep them going so we have long-ish stories to read once they're done. Any takers? Email me!


Keep up the good writing, my friends!


From Lisa


Check it out if you haven't already!


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SIXTH CELEBRATION is ready to be enjoyed!

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FIFTH CELEBRATION is ready to be enjoyed!

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Still waiting on some poems from the last celebration...stay tuned for the next one! I'm a little behind this week but everything will be up by tomorrow.

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** You can still participate if you want! Check part one.


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I would LOVE LOVE LOVE more of you to do this one. I will take poems any time!

Let's give some compliments!!

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Come on, people!


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From Lisa

Titles are going out today!

Here are your groups. If you are first, that means you will get the title and start the story. Please try to take two/three days to send your part back to me. If you still would like to be included, let me know by this Friday!


Chelsea Li

Meaghan MacGregor

Ian Bivins

Alice Park


Sara Wilhoite

Nicolas Powell

Rue Schoenberger

Kelly Kernan


Eden Botton

Bijou Darrow

Ana Slouber

Sterling Bemment

Chelsea Li


Simone Shellenberger

Maddy Palmer

Owen Hill

Will McGough


Iza Wilson

Celia Higgins

Chelsea Fortna

Siena Stiles

Daphne Angelis


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From Lisa

I can still take people who want in! Send me an email and stay tuned for titles and groups.


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Sunday by NOON. =) Keep 'em coming!

There are TWO new Celebrations posted in FOR WRITING

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Check both!


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If you have Instagram, please follow our local illustrator, Luciana, @lucianaillustration. You'll be able to see whose work she chooses each week to illustrate!

For the First Celebration of the Imagination, she chose Simone Shellenberger's poem, with the words KOALA BEAR, AVOCADO, and BUILDING. Congratulations, Simone!!

You can see it here:



From Lisa

FOR READING is where I will post your work for everyone to read and enjoy.

FOR WRITING is where the newest 'assignment' will be.

MUSIC is where I'll post songs for inspiration.

COMPLIMENTS is where I'll post any compliments you would like to give to each other (just email them to me).

Email me with any questions!


Hi, everyone!

From Lisa

Welcome to Lisa's Celebration of the Imagination. Let's have fun!! I want this to be a way for us to stay connected in a unique and creative way. There is no right or wrong answer. I'll give one 'celebration' a week, usually Monday, and you can send your work to me any time up to Friday at 4:00 PM. The schedule may change slightly each week, if I need input from you. I'll put everyone's work on the Green Page over the weekend for everyone to enjoy. If you're not comfortable with this, I can post your work without your name, or you can just do the writing for fun and keep it for yourself (or send to me to read for funsies). Fun fact: When I was an English teacher, I called all tests and assignments 'Celebrations of the Imagination'. I was hoping it would make my students less nervous about tests, or maybe trick them into thinking they weren't taking one. Some of them were on to me...but they had fun. =)


From Lisa


Write a prose poem in one long, run-on sentence. Very simply put, a prose poem is a poem in the form of a paragraph. Feel free to use commas (,), semi-colons (;), colons (:), ellipses (...), parentheses, hyphens (-), and anything else you can think of! You don't have to use them properly.

Due Date: Wednesday, May 27th, any time.

**If you did not send me a title but still want to participate, please email me! I will send you a title.

Here's a weird, random example:

My Nintendo Isn't Working

So I plug it in (happy birthday to me!) but the wires won't work and I blow on the cartridge just like my ten year old self but nothing happens-it makes me so sad that I run out the door and my backyard is the woods-I'm not sure how that happened; I live nowhere near the woods but here they are and now I'm quite distressed so I climb up a tree and look out over city for working wires but there are none to be found so I take a nap and I'm dreaming of cheese (no wonder the grumblings of my stomach startle me awake) so I jump in slow motion out of the tree and onto a soft patch of muddy grass, wipe myself off and sit by my Nintendo that still won't work and now the floor is all muddy and the ice cream cake is melting (happy birthday to me).


Happy writing!!!


Gwen: Stretch To The Sky

Mandy: I Read A Book Once. It Was Awful.

Iza: Around The World In 81 Days, The 4 Little Pigs, and Other Stories

Gus: Purple Grass

Will: Two Eggs And No Mail

Meaghan: A Bird Who Talks And Cannons Himself Out Of A Cannon Into A Bathtub Of Peaches

Chelsea: Bookmark Eclairs

Jessie: The Peacock Feather In The Vase On The Table


From Lisa

You guessed it...I need poem TITLES! Send 'em in by Thursday at the latest!

Stretch yourself, get creative! They can be short or long or somewhere in between.


From Lisa


Write a modern day poem about a fairy tale character living in a pandemic.

Some examples:


Snow White

Prince Charming





Alice in Wonderland


Cheshire Cat


Robin Hood




***The possibilities are endless!


1. Your poem can take place anywhere in the world.

2. It can be first or third person.

First person: I walked through the woods.

Third person: She/he/they walked through the woods.

3. Length: As short or long as you wish.

4. It can be funny, serious, dramatic, mundane, whimsical, scary, angry, all of the above, etc.

5. Imagine that your fairy tale character got ripped from the pages of their story and suddenly dropped right in the middle of somewhere, 2020, in the midst of these crazy times. How do they cope? Is it easy? Hard? Do they have enough toilet paper? Do they make friends in Google Hang Outs? Is social distancing difficult for them?

6. As always, be creative and have fun!

DUE DATE: Saturday, May 16th, any time!


From Lisa

** If you would like to participate and don't see your name, please email me! I can give you a title. If you sent me a title and don't see your name, please let me know!


Write a poem using your title (see below) that is 26 lines long. The lines can be as long or short as you want, and the first word of each line has to start with a letter of the alphabet, starting with A and going all the way to Z.

For Example:

Along the road I saw

Birds hopping and


Down the way an

Elephant lurched.

Finches, Robins and every sort hopped atop his trunk.

'Go, Go!', the birds sang as they hung and they sung,

Happy to have such a large, triumphant ride.


You MUST go through the WHOLE alphabet.

Those are your rules. Remember, embrace limitations. They can be strangely freeing!

Due date: Any time Sunday!


Iza: I Have A Window In My Mouth

Meaghan: What Is Nothing?

Chelsea L.: Gus Goes To Vegas

Will: The Alphabet With Numbers

Mandy: The Night The Moon Stopped Glowing

Gwen: The Snow Path I Followed

Gus: Are You Sleeping? I Have News!

Jessie: The Dog That Plays Soccer


From Lisa

PART ONE: Send me a TITLE for a poem ASAP. As long or short as you want, as simple or whimsical as you want. It can be dark, serious, silly, light, dramatic, funny, short, long, etc.

Please get the titles in to me by THURSDAY afternoon at the very latest. I was a bit behind this week, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to give you the second part of this Celebration by Thursday night.

E-mail me!



From Lisa

Your mission:

Write a poem using the title and three nouns you've been given.

Length: Between 5-25 lines

Rules: Your three nouns have to be in separate lines. That's it!

Due: Thursday, April 30th, anytime!

Have fun and let the title take you somewhere different. It's kind of amazing the places our brains can go when we're given a little something from someone else's brain. See the nouns you've been given. Really see them: how they feel, smell, sound, look, and let them take shape in your imagination. Instead of trying to make the poem happen, just let it. Try the music page if you haven't yet!

** I have a few extra Title/Nouns for anyone who would like to write more than one poem. Please let me know!

** If you don't see your name, email me.

You'll find your titles/nouns below!


Title: The Crunch Of My Breakfast

Nouns: Paintbrush, Bicycle Helmet, Ballet Slipper


Title: Off The Top Of My Head

Nouns: Evergreen, Mango, Helicopter

Chelsea Li

Title: The Day The Dinosaurs Didn't Sing

Nouns: Accordion, Button, Mouse


Title: Once Upon A Time There Was The End

Nouns: Ice Cream Sundae, Paleontologist, Astronaut


Title: The Mechanic And The Teacup

Nouns: Mallard, Salmonberry Blossom, Sunflower


Title: The Surfer's Surfboard

Nouns: Puppy, Crabapple, Newt


Title: When I Was Smaller

Nouns: Teacup, Fractals, Salmon


Title: The Darkness In My Button

Nouns: Running Coach, Scissors, Raindrop


Title: Birds Language

Nouns: Seashell, Skateboard, Thunderstorm


Title: Thoughts On Eating An Apple

Nouns: Smart Car, Chicken, Railroad Station


Title: I Ate A Carrot. I Did Not Like It.

Nouns: Bubble, Elephant, Snore


From Lisa

PART ONE: Send me a title for a poem, as long or short as you want, along with three NOUNS (person, place, thing or idea) that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the title.

**PLEASE stay away from general nouns.

For example, instead of giving me the word 'FRUIT', make it more specific, like 'CHERRIES or APPLE'

Instead of the word PERSON, it could be PERIODONTIST or DOG TRAINER.

Instead of the word FURNITURE, it could be COUCH or NIGHTSTAND.

Instead of the word EXERCISE, it could be YOGA or BURPIES.

Instead of the word WEATHER, it could be BLIZZARD or HEATWAVE.

You get the idea. If you send me any general words, I will send them back to you and ask for something more specific.

Also, no proper nouns, please.

If you have questions, just ask!


Please send them in by this Thursday, April 23rd (my Birthday)!

PART TWO: Stay tuned.


From Lisa

Your mission: Write a poem in response to one of the following prompts:

1. What is the opposite of sky diving?

2. What sound does the color (you pick the color) make?

3. What does music look like? (not instruments or sheet music...the actual music that you hear but can't see)

4. What do the stars smell like?

5. Why are you here?

6. Why were you there?

Interpret however you like. There are NO rules. =)

Due SATURDAY, April 18th, any time.


From Lisa

First, I need story titles. I will use the first six/seven titles from the first six/seven people who send me random, ridiculous titles. I may end up needing more. If so, I'll ask for more.

If you want to participate, send me an email. You'll be grouped with four/five other people, and I will pick who starts the story, who gets it second, and so on. Each part of the story should be no more than a paragraph. That being said, feel free to make it a long paragraph, if you feel so inclined. Make sure it's at least a paragraph...no teeny tiny sentences.

Whoever starts the story will get the title, and then they will need to send their paragraph to me when they're done. A few days would be ideal, if possible. I will send the first paragraph to the second person, and when they're done, I'll send the first two paragraphs to the third person...you get the idea.

This project will be on going. It will happen as I continue to post new CELEBRATIONS. It might take a month to finish all of the stories. It's going to be really fun.

Let me know if you want in!


From Lisa


Write a poem from the point of view of an inanimate object.

Scenario: Someone just came up to you and said, ‘Hey, what’s your problem’? This is because you have had a bad attitude lately and you cannot contain your feelings anymore.

Your problem should have something to do with your designed purpose. For example, a spoon’s purpose is to scoop things, and often times to deliver food to one’s mouth. If you were writing from the point of view of a spoon, you would be fed up with scooping things. Then you would tell us why. Go off on a rant! These are feelings you’ve had pent up inside of you for a long time, and you’re finally letting them out.

Your poem should end with some sort of hint as to what you really want out of life. This can be anything. Maybe you’re a spoon and you've secretly always wanted to be a fork, or maybe you’re a bed and you wish you could drive a car.

As always, you can rhyme, but you don’t have to.

Your poem doesn't have to look a certain way.

It doesn't have to make sense. I say, the less sense, the better.

Please keep it between five-twenty lines.

Have fun, and try not to judge your work! Sometimes when you sit down to write, what comes out is nonsense. That is a GOOD thing. Sometimes you might need to unload your feelings before you start. That is a GREAT thing. Just let it happen. No forcing allowed. And if you haven’t yet, try the MUSIC section for inspiration.

DUE DATE: Sunday, April 12th by NOON.

You can pick from the following objects:

























From Lisa

Your mission: Write a poem explaining something unexplainable. Your explanation should be as unlikely and ridiculous as possible...the more outlandish and improbable (even impossible) the better. Have fun! Don’t think too much and try not to judge your work.

**Poetry does NOT have to rhyme, but it can. It does NOT have to make sense, but it can. It might sound more like a mini story. That's cool, too.

Please keep it between 5-20 lines.

DUE DATE: This Friday, April 3rd, by 4:00 PM.

** I am going to send some music to your grown ups (or to you, if you gave your email). It's almost all instrumental. I always listen to music when I write. I find that it frees up my mind and puts me in a different zone. You are welcome to listen to some of the songs I’ve included and let it inspire you. Give it a shot!

The scenario:

Your grown up (or someone you live with) has come home and discovered something really strange and they want an explanation. You can choose ONE of following situations:

1. The tree in the front yard is full of stars.

2. Every drawer in the house is full of sand.

3. There’s an elephant in the hot tub.

4. It’s snowing in your bedroom closet.

5. The kitchen table is stuck to the ceiling.

6. The bathtub has been replaced with a garden.

7. Your pillow is now a watermelon.

8. The pages of all the books in the house are missing.

9. The chair in your living room is talking.

10. Everyone in your house is suddenly speaking French.

Get to writing, everyone!


From Lisa


Use your three words to write a poem. Please let me know if want me to put it on the Green Page without your name, or if you don't want it up at all. If you don't tell me either of these things, I will post your writing on the Green Page for everyone to enjoy! This is not a place of judgement. It's a place to enjoy each other's imaginations and to get whacky. Every poem will be different, and that is awesome.

There are LOTS of rules. Creative freedom can often be found in restrictions, so don't fight them. Embrace them!! I find that these kinds of exercises take your brain to places you didn't know it could go. =)


1. You MUST use your three words

2. They CANNOT be in the same line

3. NO MORE than ten lines and NO LESS than five

4. Line length is up to you

5. You CANNOT make your noun plural, and if it's already plural, you MUST leave it that way (If you word is RATS, you cannot change it to RAT, and if you word is UNICORN, you cannot change it to UNICORNS).

6. You CANNOT trade words with your friends.

5. You have been given a mood for your poem. The actual mood word CANNOT be in your poem (if your mood is happy, the word HAPPY cannot be in your poem). How you interpret the mood is up to you. Find a way to imaginatively color your poem with your mood...if someone were to read it, they might say, WHOA, that's creepy, or WOW, that's super sad, or GEEZ, that's so happy! Think about showing what the mood is, rather than telling us.

Even though you must abide by these rules, poetry does not have to make sense! Be silly, be crazy, and don't judge your work. Things that make sense to one person might not make sense to another. This is about exploring, having fun, and expanding your minds and imaginations.

Please keep things appropriate. You're all smart and you know what that means. That being said, don't be afraid to be weird!

**If you missed this one altogether, I will give you three random words. If you were a part of it and forgot, I can tell you what your three words are.


From Lisa

FAIRY TALES in the time of COVID poems (let me know if you don't see yours!)

From softest grass to tough concrete

The Big Bad Wolf did fall;

In front of him were empty streets

And not a pig at all.

No houses made of sticks and rocks

Or bits of straw and twine,

But block, and block, and block, and block

Of structural sublime.

“No breath of mine could knock these down!

And where are all the pigs?” he cried.

Distressed by the lack of meals in town

And the lack of anyone outside.

But wait!

A newspaper

Rolling down the street.

He picked it up for answers

And found them printed neat:


Try baking!

The toilet paper’s gone!

“So all the pigs must be inside

In structures just as strong!”

And with this thought he almost wept

He hadn’t eaten in days.

A tragedy grotesque- except!

Look! There! Upon that page!

A recipe for no-knead bread

To suit the general baking craze!

Off he took, as fast as he could

To grab the last bag of flour from the grocery

(Wearing a mask, just as one should).

With paper and the flour in hand

He learned to bake (This was just the start!)

Bread, meat pies with pork obtained through legal means

And dishes all baked from the heart.

Who would’ve thought that breaths

For blowing down houses and causing dread

Heated from inside the Big Bad Wolf’s mouth

Are also pretty good at baking bread!

-Livia Cohen


A walk in the woods used to be numb

But now I’m prepared for whatever will come

A note in my hand

This walk sure feels grand

Soon there's a rustle, right behind me

A wolf has jumped out I can clearly see

Thrusting the note out I must stay still

The wolf reads the note and slinks off with no meal

I run to the house I hope is all right

There Grandma sat, happy to see me in sight

She smiled and spoke, “How was your day?”

“Nothing attacked you. Is that what you’ll say?”

Yes, I had gone out, with a merry tune to sing

And somewhere in the woods, a wolf reads, SOCIAL DISTANCING.

-Chelsea Li


Yawning I stretch out,

Expecting to find the usual bark of a tree underneath me.

Instead I find a carpet the color of trout.

Did I teleport out of the tree?

Looking around I saw to pairs of feet walking towards my curled tail.

"Aw aren't you a poor thing? How did you end up here?"

I screeched and screamed as I was picked up by two hands of large scale.

The lady looked at me in surprise as I grinned at her

"Why, I'll name you Cheshire! Like Alice in Wonderland!"

I jumped out of her arms, a complete blur

Making for the door, the lady screamed something about being banned

From going outside

I shrugged, humans make no sense

I jump, crawl and slide

Through the house, until I reach the door, and sprint to the fence

Then I was out

Streets were empty and quiet, nobody walked on the sidewalks.

When Alice has visited and told about her world it was nothing like this, this looked like a drought

Of people, I raced down blocks.

It was the same everywhere in every neighborhood and every shop.

Maybe they had an evil queen who forced them all to stay in prisons?

-Iza Wilson


Because of quarantine, Aladdin’s in a very bad mood.

Though the streets are empty, Aladdin can’t get food.

For the stay-at-home order hasn’t been lifted.

But after looking at the money that he has just sifted,

He thinks: “I’ve got nothing – nothing at all!”

Then suddenly he gasps! “I know who to call!”

He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a lamp.

He rubs it – and out comes Genie, the wishing champ!

“Alright, Aladdin, you got three wishes,” Genie says.

“Wanna plane? Wanna tiger? Wanna nice, new fez?”

“I wish,” Aladdin says, “that I wasn’t so poor!”

Genie grins. Coins start raining. Down falls more and more and more.

“I wish,” Aladdin says, “That with the money, I’d have food!”

The money’s gone. Now there’s food. Aladdin’s in a real good mood.

But there’s one more wish! One more wish!

Should he wish for a fish in a dish?

A brand new cap? A baseball bat?

A pineapple that is big and fat?

“I wish,” Aladdin says, “That quarantine is done!”

No more virus in the air – now it’s time for fun!

Aladdin runs to find Abu – he dashes ‘round the bends,

For after, when he finds Abu, he’ll go play with his friends!

-Will McGough



Oh Bambi a calm


deer, a


little guy,


as a bull


an ox if you wish,


oh Bambi

-Natalie E. Greear


The Evil Queen was staring

At her enhanced reflection

When suddenly, the portal spun

And she landed in the time of infection

She looked around her apartment

Which was not quite a castle

And her drab little bed

With no royal colors or tassels

In the bathroom she found

Cupboards stocked with roll

Upon roll of soft white paper

Which she promptly threw down a hole

Then a little device started buzzing

The Huntsmen wants to FaceTime, it said

Curious, she tapped the green button

And saw her servants head

After talking for a while

And marveling at this strange town

The Evil Queen turned on a black box

And in her bed, she lay down

A man appeared on the box

Startled, she sat right back up

And watched as he blathered on

About social distancing stuff

The Evil Queen snarled and thought,

“Well, I’d better go find Snow White”

She went out on the empty streets

And promptly got in a fight

“What are you doing out here?

We have to protect ourselves

From the COVID-19 virus!”

She bashed that guy against the shelves

When she’d gotten yelled at

For not wearing a mask

She stumbled back to the apartment

“Mirror, may I ask –“

But the mirror on the wall

Did not sparkle or speak

The Evil Queen to her dismay

Was stuck on Earth during the peak

-Meaghan MacGregor


From Lisa



I Have a Window in My Mouth

As I walked

By the lamps and doors

Couches and chairs

Down the furniture aisle I went,

Eating a piece of gum

From left to right the store was packed

Gasping a employee rushed over to me

"How dare you chew gum in this store!"

I was taken by surprise at the sudden anger

Jumping backwards I stumbled into a few doors next to me

Kittens were patterned on the employee's sweater and they seemed to glare.

Laughing, chuckling, I couldn't help it, it was hilarious.

"Must you laugh! There's nothing funny!

Not stopping, I continued to giggle.

Obviously she was getting mad, her face turned bright red.

Placing a lampshade next to me she glared,

"Quiet!" Fine, keep laughing I don't care. " She pulled out a wand.

Right across the aisle a crowd was gathering.

Standing up, the employee started to speak something I couldn't understand.

The wand shook and a bright sparkly color shot out.

Uncertainty I shuffled backwards.

Veering to the right I ducked as a door fell down, powered by the odd magic.

Windows rained down next to me and one landed right in my mouth

Xeric and as dry as a cactus it slid down onto my tongue

"You can't mess with furniture employees!" shouted the employee.

Zig zagging down my throat I realized, I have a window in my mouth.

-Iza Wilson


The Alphabet With Numbers

An Alphabet in numbers is a very simple thing

Because really, the letters can be any number.

Caring about the letter’s number might be hard to do.

Dare to try,

Even though the regular alphabet is

Fun, and named after the

Greek letters Alpha and Beta.

However, an alphabet in numbers

In truth, isn’t hard.

Just try, I want you to try to say the word

Kangaroo in numbers. You might say 8, if you count every

Letter. However, I

Might say 11, for K’s



Perhaps you could be random for easy,

Quick, writing and



Though, an alphabet in numbers can be really fun,

Usage of letters in an alphabet in numbers is

Very possible.

When I get bored of numbers, I use variables like

X. And now, with that said,

You should try an alphabet with numbers. It’s not

Zany, it’s the best!

—Will McGough


Gus Goes To Vegas

Arriving soon...

Bus grinds to a halt, “LAS VEGAS!”

Come and explore this colorful place

Dance with a monkey or two

Elephants, parade down the streets

Fancy flamingos that flew!

Gus grabbed refreshments, though,

Hungry for more

Ice cream and burgers

Just tired and sore...

Kumquat farmer finds Gus fast asleep

Lying on a tree?

Most peculiar sight,

No farmer would see

On the strike of the lightning

Pouring rain fell

Quite confused Gus,

Rose to a smell

Smelling the hot-dog

That was only half-done

Up came a bird that was

Very fun

Where Gus was, was surprising to all

Xylophones stacked, to help Gus get down

You'd never believe this was real, seeing

Zillions of stars Gus walked away with a frown. Gus will not go to Vegas anytime soon.

-Chelsea Li


The Dog Who Plays Soccer

A dog

Best soccer player in the town

Can you play better

Doubt it

Even if you could your probably just dreaming

Fly a plane to china you’ll find him there

Got a passport, only way you’ll make it

Huh you don’t have one hmmm

I know, you go to Canada and ask for a passport

Just kidding he’s right behind you

Kevin the cat was right behind you and he’s here to take that dog down

Lucky enough he was the 2nd best

Meanwhile the dog heard Kevin’s excited whispers and decided to take a nap

Naps took a long time especially dog naps so when he woke up, he was cranky

Oh, and the dog’s name was Calvin

Put on you shin guards, socks, cleats, and jersey

Quicker than a cheetah was Calvin

“Rude” Kevin said

So anyway, let the games begin!

Tweeeeeet go go go!

Under over sideways SCORE! 1-point for Calvin 30 minutes later they take a break

Very tired but Kevin was practicing

Wait the game still go’s on

Xylophones everywhere

Yeah Kevin scores and the game he is a champion

Zebras everywhere leading a party for celebration!

-Jessie Li



As best as I can explain it, nothing is...

Barrels filled with emptiness

Costly toys at the Dollar Store

Death lurking in life

Estates that are only three square feet

Flips that don’t rotate

Ghosts wandering, wishing for

Hope that has long since been destroyed

Incidents that weren’t an accident

Jack-in-the-boxes with broken springs

Kinks in a tightrope

Laughs without joy

Money without value

Nile rivers filled with dryness

Oaks without bark or branches

Papers you can’t draw on

Quills with no ink bottle

Readers that lost all their books

Systems that don’t operate

Tiles that are all connected

Unicycles that lost their wheels

Vets that don’t take care of animals

What is nothing?

Xylophones that don’t play

You know what nothing it

‘Zat it is everything with no purpose

-Meaghan MacGregor


The Mug That Broke At Midnight

After I received the mug from Zelda, her

Boyfriend Zander said it was ugly,

Commenting in a way I can only

Describe as nauseatingly

Effusive and dripping with disdain. He


Gushed over the hideous color and shape,

Highlighting his opinions

In calculated adjectives

Just to hurt my feelings.

Keeping to my typical

Laconic edge, I


“Not that you have taste to speak

Of,”, (for I was rather

Partial to the way it


Reminded me of his

Sister’s picture of

The two of them holding

Umbrellas in striking

Vermillion on the trip they took to

Wisconsin when he became my


Yikes! Why didn’t I see it before midnight?!

Zander’s face is one ugly mug, and so is this.

-Dana Crediford


The Snow Path I Followed

A snow path lay

Before me

Carefully caved into the

Deep snow, wide


For only one person, me,


Hidden by the trees

I followed it

Just a bit more and I'll turn back

Knowing that I could could not go on forever

Long did I

Mosey down that trail

Now it is dark but I am not lost

Out here in the snow

Putting one foot

Quietly in front of the other

Rustling my coat

Sleeves, finally I

Turn around

Underneath the stars I have

Vanquished the snow path

Wanting at last to go home, dreaming of

Xenias I wander back home where I know

You are waiting for me with


-Gwen Pidgeon


The Night The Moon Stopped Glowing

Awhile ago

But not too long

Caught in a web

Dangerous song

Every hair stood on end

Fever evening

Goblin gong

High and haughty

Infusion fear

Jealous junipers

Knotted loops

Lumping along

Metal testing

Now is time

Octopus freedom

Pining direction

Quest of all quests

River won't tell

Secrets of

The night the moon stopped glowing


Velvet blues

When the light refuses

X-ray image

Yellow glow

Zero and all


-Mandy Pidgeon

Are You Sleeping? I Have News!

Once upon a time there was a dog

On radio

That was reporting the news

And said "Are you sleeping? I have news!"

It said "Guess what? The corona virus was just a dream"

Then it screamed, "WAKE UP!"

Corona virus was just a dream

Dog reporting the news, "WUH?"

"I'm gonna try saying that again, the dog reporting the news is done,

Good bye"

-Gus Pidgeon


From Lisa

Here ya go!!! Enjoy, don't judge, and let the poems sing.

The Day the Dinosaurs Didn’t Sing!

Words: Accordion, Button, Mouse

The day the Dinos didn’t sing

Was quite a miserable day.

Their accordion player tripped and fell

Yes, it was a miserable day

He tripped on a button

A quite shiny button

Covered in glitter and string

The dinosaurs were too miserable

They didn’t try to sing.

Then the T rex had an idea

“We’ll google what to do!”

They set a trap and caught a mouse

And had a computer delivered

They googled what to do if,

Your accordion player trips on a button,

That’s covered in glitter and string

But even google didn’t know

And that’s why the dinosaurs didn’t sing.

-Chelsea Li


The Primrose of Blankets

Words: Flashlight, Whiteboard, Hairbrush

There once was a blanket

The blanket was beautiful

The primrose of blankets

For it was a wonder

Sometimes it even,

Seemed to have glowed

Like a flashlight’s pale, yellow light

It gave warmth

And was soft,

Like a hairbrush on hair

This primrose of blankets

Was amazing for long,

But, even the beautiful, most spectacular

Must come to an end

So, this primrose of blankets,

Must wear away

Like marker on whiteboard

Must fade away

Though it is nice,

And once had a place

The primrose of blankets,

Has had its days.

-Chelsea Li


Off The Top Of My Head

Words: Evergreen, Mango, Helicopter

Off the top of my head

That’s where words come from

When I can’t think of what to say

When my brain is whirling

Like a helicopter

That just won’t stay

Off the top of my head

That’s where I decide

What I’m about to do

Like when I chose to eat

A rotting mango

Oh, if only I knew

That the top of my head

Can be quite impulsive

When my thoughts are stuck in muck

I wish they would stay put

Like an evergreen

Waving hopelessly without luck

And I know that someday

My impulsiveness

Well, it’s gonna pay

Off the top of my head

That’s where this comes from

Cause I can’t think of what to say

-Meaghan MacGregor


Cookie Dance

Words: Rose, Wiggles, Scarf

The lights in the theater are dim

I sit glued to my seat, in a trance

As the announcer, a blueberry scone

Says, “And now, for the cookie dance!”

Six cookies parade from the curtains

Each in a scarf, looking sharp

Then the music starts to play

Drums, trumpet and even a harp

The cookies start to wiggle

Then soon, they’re full on dancing

Leaping, spinning, kicking

Bouncing, shaking and prancing

All too soon, the music’s over

I throw a rose on the stage, I clap

“What are you doing?”

Someone says, I look up with a snap

The stage is gone, the lights are on

The cookies are in their jar

I turn away, angry because once again

I let my imagination get too far

-Meaghan MacGregor


The Crunch Of My Breakfast

Words: Paintbrush, Bicycle Helmet, Ballet Slipper

I opened up the cupboard to find...

Well, I must be blind

It was completely vacant.

"Mom, there's no cereal!" She shouted back, " Be patient! "

I was famished

If the cereal vanished

Then I would go and buy cereal myself

I grabbed my bicycle helmet from beside the bookshelf

And rushed outside with my bike

This would be a long hike

The store was across the neighborhood

I started on Elmwood

Then crossed onto Alabama Avenue

Watching the urban view

I crossed the road

And slowed

To a stop in front of the store

After locking up my bike I opened the door

It was a maze

I walked through the isles in a daze

There were things from paintbrushes

To rubber duckies, there were people coming by in rushes

They swarmed over the store, pushing small carts

I passed by a lone valley slipper and map charts

Finally, finally I saw it

I was glad I didn't quit

For there, in front of me, was the cereal

-Iza Wilson


Birds Language

Words: Seashell, Skateboard, Thunderstorm

The air is thin, the mercury plummets

And the hairs on my head stand on end.

A thunderstorm is rolling in.

Come inside, they say, but I don't go just yet.

I grab a seashell from the beach,

The forgotten garment of a creature long gone,

And press it to my ear to hear a rumbling of ocean waves,

Of shipwrecks and sailors lost at sea,

Of sirens, singing sweetly to pass the time, unaware of the grief they bring.

These are the same tales that the birds call to each other from the treetops-

The screeching gulls spinning stories with eloquence and fervor.

A skateboard rolls past, scraping on the concrete,

Its rider no one but the wind.

"Percussion!" The birds scream gleefully.

It makes their stories more exciting, they think.

I run inside, shell clutched to my chest

Over my heart.

It will make for good listening as the sky opens outside

Someday, I will learn to understand the birds

And hear the stories uninterrupted by passing fancies

Of the creatures who seashells once belonged to.

-Livia Cohen


I Ate A Carrot. I Did Not Like It.

Words: Bubble, Elephant, Snore

I ate a purple carrot. It tasted very bad.

I thought it was the worst thing, that I had ever had.

I tried it as a pencil, it didn’t even work,

I gave it to an elephant, who said, ’No!’ with a smirk.

I sat down to think, but then began to snore,

I dreamed that I was fishing, sitting by the shore.

Then the lake began to gurgle, and became a bubble bath,

And then I dreamed of numbers, like I was doing math.

Counting all the carrots in my mouth and hand,

My mouth went CHOMP, like a snapping rubber band.

Then I woke up, my eyes fluttered open,

I saw the carrot in my hand, and then I started hopin’,

That maybe if I nibble a little every day,

After 7 tries, carrots might just be okay?

-Will McGough


The Mechanic And The Teacup

Words: Mallard, Salmonberry Blossom, Sunflower

Once there was a salmonberry blossom

A mallard swam by

"Oh look a sunflower", it said

A Mechanic walked by with a teacup

-Gwen Pigeon


The Surfer's Surfboard

Words: Puppy, Crabapple, Newt

A puppy ate a crabapple and went crazy and

crushed a newt on accident

the Newt slapped the dog and

ran away to hide under a rock

Then the dog ran to find it

but then it found a rock that was walking away instead

So the dog ran at the rock


and fainted and got dizzy

at about an hour from then it woke up

got up and was walking away

looking to see if the rock was following it

and it banged into its owners house

and there was a hole in the house

and all the animals were having a party

and ran out and seemed to make the hole bigger

the dog was still running

it messed up the furniture

and it couldn't stop running

and what stopped it was a turtle

and it landed on top of the tallest apartment building

and it managed to run off onto another building

then onto a car and the car went home

to fix the holes in the house

and the dog was safe at home again

- Gus Pigeon


When I Was Smaller

Words: Teacup, Fractals, Salmon

Belly to swing I walk in circles

tighter and higher I go

squeezing my belly until

I can't go any further


I spin so fast

watching fractals of

the world blur past

Out of control


Dizzy I stumble to the blanket

where my teacup sits

Pink salmon swim around its edge

Do they like to spin?

Next time they'll come along

-Mandy Pigeon


Once Upon A Time There Was The End

Words: Ice cream sundae, Paleontologist, Astronaut

Long ago in a town of snow

I was walking down to the old ice cream sundae show

When a paleontologist screamed at me

He yelled, “The astronaut should let me be!”

He said the astronaut took all his meat

And I said “Oh fiddlesticks!” and he laughed at me

So I kept walking past the Sweet Ice Cream Shoppe

Where you get fudge and whipped cream and best of all a cherry tree

And after that the Paleontologist shows us

What it will be like to see a real dinosaur

Then the astronaut would demonstrate what you will experience in space

The astronaut would rise off the floor and out the door, singing all the way

Then again the Paleontologist will dig up dinosaur bones,

Skinny ones and even ice cream cones

And then, Oh no, the show has ended

With red and white flames that say,

The End.

-Owen Hill


From Lisa

Let me know if you don't see yours!

What does music look like?

Soft dark purple sounds like a gentle low note on a large gong

-Gwen Pidgeon


Jumps and sways and sharp high kicks

Turns and rolls and tiny ticks

Sharp lines and angles

Shimmies and tangles

Large groups in motion

Make a vibrant potion

A single shape holding

Or so slowly molding

The space changes shape

With grace fills the gape

It vibrates through space

At varying pace

-Mandy and Gus Pidgeon


Rings spiral through the sky

Dancing as if on an

Invisible magic carpet

Bursts of color here and there

Flashing red and blue and

A different color for

Every note

Scales like a staircase

Up and up or down and down

Each step it’s unique color

Each color it’s unique shape

Geometry hidden in the sight

Of music

If no one else can see it

That’s okay

I’ll keep this show of lights

All to myself

Watching it throb to the beat

Watching it dance to the symphony

Of music

-Meaghan MacGregor




And swishing



Yellow daisy

Grey rain

Upbeat tunes

Mournful notes



And turning



Loud and frightening

Quiet and meek

Booming voices

Whispering lyrics



And gliding



Short clips

Lengthy tone




a picture

It already



whoever saw

Or heard it.

-Iza Wilson

What does the color brown sound like?

Brown Brown Whoo whoo

Brown Brown Whoo whoo

Nest in the trees

And owls sleeping at noon

Brown Brown Whoo whoo

Brown Brown Whoo whoo

-Gus Pidgeon


What does the color blue sound like?

Blue is the lakes that

Color the states

I can't recall it being a mistake

So take it slow, there's no place to go

It can't be helped there's a place to go

Blue is the states covered in lakes

So take me there with you

I can't recall it being a mistake

Blue is the lakes that cover the places

I can't recall it being a mistake

And that's what I sing

That's what I sing

That's what I sing

That's what blue sings

-Owen Hill

What do stars smell like?

I feel like a giant.

My large nostrils can smell the scents of each unique star.

A star hovers above my cupped hands,

Like a bead of rainwater about to fall on my palm.

Shooting stars smell like Coca-Cola,

While white stars smell like fresh bread from right out of the oven.

Red stars smell like BBQ on a summer night,

Blue ones smell like blueberry cotton candy,

And our own sun smells like a loaf of pumpkin bread.

The thing I want to know now is,

What do planets smell like?

-Will McGough


I went on a stroll in the forest

Wondering to myself

What do the stars,

Smell like, smell like,

If they even smell.

I ask the owl,

The owl, the owl

to go up and take a sniff.

The owl comes back and says to me

To me, to me

He says,

The stars smell so nice

They smell much like rice,

Like rice, like rice they smell

All the other birds disagree

For they also took a smell,

A mockingbird says it smells like mangos

Like mangos, like mangos they smell

The eagle he says

He says, he says

The stars they smell like cheeseburgers

Like cheeseburgers, like cheeseburgers they smell,

Soon there became a fight and every bird took off in flight

To look for stars

For stars to smell

And now, again, I’m by myself.

-Chelsea Li


What is the opposite of skydiving?

The opposite of skydiving isn’t as fun as skydiving

Somehow I find myself at the bottom of the ocean

I try to swim to the top

but the air bubbles escaping from my lungs

float up faster than I can swim

my feet feel like a ton of bricks

dragging me down to the seafloor

and don’t get me wrong,

it’s beautiful down there

but I can’t breathe underwater

and you're not down here with me

-Kelly Kernan


From Lisa

REMINDERS: This space is a judgement-free zone. If something doesn't make sense to you, enjoy its nonsensical-ness. If grammar is wrong, let it be wrong. If something sounds weird to you, enjoy its weird-sounding-ness. If something boggles your brain, let your brain be boggled.

If you haven't sent your poem in yet, you still can! If you sent yours in and you don't see it, please e-mail me. It may have gotten lost in the mix. Also, let me know if something looks wrong with your poem. I've decided to start including last names since there are a lot of people participating.

PLEASE NOTE: The Green Page puts everything in the same format, sometimes eliminating stanzas/breaks, or changing things that are centered. So it may look a bit different.


Every day I eat off the floor

And every day there’s more and more

All I ever eat is dirt!

And now I’m feeling very hurt

One day I’ll eat off a table

I don’t care if I’m not able

You can tell me it’s my job,

Well, guess what?

I’m retired.

-Chelsea Li


I spend all day

Just watching the world

Seeing younger kids play

You would think it would be peaceful, but really, my temper has curled

I watch people do

through my little view

They walk their yappy dogs

Hurry off to their jobs

But I'm stuck here

Wishing I could disappear

From this endless trap

Of watching others nap and clap

All I wish to do

was be free of my perch on the house walls

Maybe walk around

Wouldn't that be nice,

a walking window.

-Iza Wilson


Oh, what's my problem, you ask?

Explaining, I'm, sure, will be no easy task

You see, I'm a sharpener

For pencils, you know,

But what I should do

is put on a show

I'm a singer!

For opera!

My talents are wasted!

And for years and years

I've waited and waited

My chance has never come!

Nobody'll hear

of the great Dundaner

and his opera career

And so here I sit

Sharpening pencils by day

My singing dreams no more

And yet again

no ballet

-Chelsea Fortna


I let the sunlight shine right through my panes, and let it shine on you.

Starlight, moonlight, lightning, even darkness.

I keep the rain out, though it pours. The wind that bends the sycamores

Leans endlessly upon me. Still I muster.

Through me. Through me! THROUGH ME!

The life of paintings on the wall — to capture beauty and enthrall

The people passing by. I dream of that.

Looked upon, not through.

And maybe it’s a little vain to wish for focus on such plain

Fragments of glass and wood,

But isn’t there a kind of beauty in something that filters through

To find only the best pieces of the world

And gives them unconditionally?

All I ask from those who can is brushes, paint, a bit of heart,

Pour out your thoughts with strokes and swirls and make of me a work of art.

And if you don’t have any paint or brushes, perhaps a hug to show you care.

Open palms pressed against glass, chilled from its efforts to protect you from the frosty air outside.

-Livia Cohen


Why do you jump one me, skip on me, bump on me

Stretch me out and pound me to the ground

Then leave me outside in the rain, alone, and forget about me

The only love you give me is tough love, rough love

You mash your dirty feet into me over and over,

“cause mom said no socks on the trampoline”

I’ll sit out here till my legs are all squeaky and I’m full of holes

Then you’ll throw me away and forget about me

And I’ll forget about you

It’ll be my turn to fly

-Kelly Kernan


What’s my problem? What do you think?

You’d get tired too, if you did what I did

Consuming scratchy, sharp wood

Disgustingly tasting graphite

Chemical-covered plastic

On a daily basis

They stick their pencils in the hole in my front

And expect me to gnaw on them until

The pencil tip is sharp

And when the pencil breaks

They blame me

As if it’s my fault they bought a stupid pencil

You know what? I should at least get a reward

Since I do so much sharpening for them

Since I endure the torture of eating sweaty pencils

I should at least be granted hands

So then I could put the pencils to use

And make art much better than the stupid humans can

-Meaghan MacGregor


one morning

singing in a home

was a gnome

the gnome remembered the urling

no not the urling

the curling

and the curling iron was not happy

she was sappy

and when it was time for her nappy nappy

she couldn't Cora couldn't

and that was her name

Cora the curling iron was UPSET

she was






all she did was curl




and when the gnome asked

"Hey, what's your problem?"

she replied

"don't even ask."

-Eden Botton


Hello! I'm a sock.

My name is Jock.

I have a twin brother and his name is Dock.

I absolutely hate being a sock.

It's smelly, it's stinky and sometimes I'll find a lock

Of hair from somebody's stinky hairy feet.

If I could, I would change my job in a heartbeat,

For something like a clock

Which only says, 'tic toc'

or maybe a electric fence, it's purpose is to shock

The innocent animals who get too close

At lease I would be away from those stinky old toes.

This is the end of the tale

Of the sock who feels like it is in jail

So I hope you feel a bit of empathy

To poor sock-ish me.

Good-bye and I hope you have a better life than I.



I like to burn your fingers when they make me mad

I love to scorch your dollies

My face is never seeing

I am ever feeling

I am not in control of my sleep

When you pull the plug, I fall asleep

I am hot like fire

I can do what I want with your hair

Mwah ha ha

I love when you think I’m helpful

I then eat you



You want to know what the problem is!

Well i’ll tell you what the problem is!

Every week while your flickering away with your lites and your sounds I'm being talked into!

People have super bad breath!

And I can always see what they've eaten that day!

It is soooooooooooo gross!

I’m the one doing all the work and no one even looks at me!

Do you know how sweaty peoples hands are?!

I always get held up by sweaty,stinky,smelly hands!!!!!!

And then when there done with me they just throw me into a box and lock me up!

Do you know, I think it would be nice to be something like you.

People would look at me instead of at a person holding me.

I could make sounds and lights.

It would be wonderful!

-Alice Park


Being a garbage can

I hate being a garbage can.

I have to sit and get thrown SPAM.

People also throw rotten fruit at me.

It is really disgusting!

I just long for the day that I am clean.

Free from the wrath of grunge.

But I can’t even polar bear plunge!

I hate being a garbage can.

-Nicolas Powell


“Why are you so mad?”

“WELL I’m mad because I’m REALLY bored of being a curling iron so I went to hang with the straightener but they are just SOOO rude they told me to go away or they will burn me. And since I didn't want to get burned I run away. Then I went over to the rest of the curling irons but THEY were also being super rude because I wanted to hang with the straighteners! Sooo I was just alone in the corner being sad. But I decided to get revenge! So I went over to the curling irons and burned them! Then I went over to the straighteners and knock them off the shelf! But... one of the CURLING IRONS went and told BRITTNY and she’s the BIGGEST curling iron and she burn me A LOT so now I’m in trouble with my mom. All I wanted was to hang with the straighteners.”

-Clover Buchanan


I'm sick of your talking

Whenever I'm walking

And sing a sourless blue

And when I'm talking

You're always walking

While I shout at you

And I'm a sock who likes to walk

And you're a chalk who likes to talk

And I'm a sock who wants a hawk

So go away whenever I pray

With a hawk in my heart

But no hawk in my eyes

Whenever I cries

I'm always there and always here

Making tears

At night

-Owen Hill


From Lisa

As always: Remember, this space is a judgement-free zone. If something doesn't make sense to you, enjoy its nonsensical-ness. If grammar is wrong, let it be wrong. If something sounds weird to you, enjoy its weird-sounding-ness. If something boggles your brain, let your brain be boggled.

If you haven't sent your poem in yet, you still can! If you sent yours in and you don't see it, please e-mail me. It may have gotten lost in the mix. Also, let me know if something looks wrong with your poem. I've decided to start including last names since there are a lot of people participating.

PLEASE NOTE: The Green Page puts everything in the same format, sometimes eliminating stanzas/breaks, or changing things that are centered. So it may look a bit different. I'm sorry about that...I'm working on it.


The tree in the front yard is full of stars.

I hear the car door, and I cringe.

Then I hear the creek of the hinge.

My mom storms in, all in a tizzy.

Then she starts yelling, and it makes me feel dizzy.

“Sara why are their stars on the tree?”

“Stars? On a tree? That's as crazy as can be!”

“I know What I saw, and I know it was you.

Why just one look and instantly knew!! Fleaijpifams;kfakvapojkpaeojfpaojfpoajf

“Are you ok? What is going on?”

“I think she’s gone crazy, just tell me I’m wrong!”

“You’re probably right. Maybe she’ll be fine”

“Doubt it,” they said “she’s out of her mind!”

-Sara Wilhoite



once upon a time

a girl began to rhyme

she started with a lullaby

and then began to fly

of course she said

i could've said said die

but then it would be over

as i rhyme she tells grover

things come to be

including a door that goes squee

just last night she flew over head

and said

as i look up at mars

below me will be a tree filled with stars

and that my friend

is how we’ve reached the end

-Maddy Palmer



Come look!

she said

and pulled me by my fingers

the way you might lead a reluctant dog

I'd barely finished thinking

What's all the fuss?

when we burst out the screen door

and I could see in the mumbling twilight

that the tree in the front yard

was full of stars

Where did they come from?

Her small voice rang among them

like jewels in a tin can

I didn't know what to say

so I said what I suddenly felt

was clearly, inexplicably true:

The same place we did.

-Evan Ingalls



There is a single elm tree

Growing alone and lonely

Its hungry arms reaching skyward

Gnarled limbs of ancient past




For a taste of the stars.

Every night

As the moon rises

And the sky burns bright with starlight

Its branches catch and hold

As many as they can.

-Saskia Saling



Along the trunk vines entwined

A mixture of rough and smooth combined

And along the roots that trip and fall

Three blooms of flowers oh so small

And in the branches that twirl and dance

They give the unfortunate a second chance

For here lays stars that shine in pride

A true wonder of worlds collide

For why its here we'll never know

Almost as strange as the closet veiled in snow.

-Jessie Sawyer



I was watching tv

When my brother said,

“Excuse me!

The tree in the

Backyard is full

Of stars!”

“I know what to

Do. Make a black hole,

to suck up the stars.”

I said. But the black hole

was stronger than I thought.

So in my backyard I was not.

I fell into the black hole,

alongside a garden mole.

-Nicolas Powell



Every drawer in the house is full of sand.

The house flooded

while you were on the deck

with water to the ceiling.

While we were inside floating

I noticed it was salty

From the ocean

And sand was settling

in the drawers.

There are no leaks in the pipes

So that's all I can say.

-Rue Schoenberger



Well i wanted to go to the beach but that was 3 million miles away, so i yelled at a tree until it told me the way to a wish granting fairy. then i climbed up a mountain, i crossed the desert, i rode a Micropachycephalosaurus over the ocean, acted in karate kid, and visited 79 states. Then i finally found that fairy and told her that i wanted to go to the beach. BUT that fairy was mean and teleported me back home and filled our house with sand sooooooo i quickly called some people and told them that i need all of his sand out of my house! BUT they just put all the sand in all the drawers of our house! And i did not have enough time to throw it away.

-Clover Buchanan



I was sitting on the couch all scrunched in a bunch

watching my show when a cold blow ran through the house

as my girlfriend was home in pants and a blouse.

she opened her spitting drawer to spit

and what she saw made her sit

“There’s sand in my spitting drawer, and I don’t want it there anymore!”

A sudden noise clouded her tears, a laugh from the bedroom

we ran and saw three bears standing there

I grabbed the broom

to shoo away those bears but they went up in a poof of sand

inside of that drawer was a canned band

The contents of everything on the bed they sat

But one thing was missing- MY HAT!

Peggy looked through the rest of the drawers all filled with sand while I cried

to console me she tried

The hat was from my grunkle Aaron

before he was killed by a Karen

(He was the manager)

“How can this occur?”

Peggy questioned aloud as if to a crowd

and indeed a crowd there was

for the simple reason of because

-Molly St. Martin



Every drawer is filled with sand

because of Phil the mailman.

His bag was filled with antique clocks,

cushioned by his purple socks.

Without his socks, Phil’s feet were sweaty

making walking very hefty.

Poor old Phil, dropped his mail

when he saw a hairless tail.

The rats acceded from a pond

and chewed until the clocks were gone.

What was left was antique sand

and Phil who thought that this was grand.

He sold the sand for 12 smooth rocks

to me who wanted a sandbox.

There is no box to put the sand

so in the drawers the sand will land.

- Siena Stiles



“Explain why every drawer is full of sand”

I must lie “how out of this land…”

All the drawers are full and heaping

I look down to keep from peeping

Oh what a sight you might never see

It could be lava, cotton candy, or even tea

But today it was sand, heavy and brown

Tension and confusion silenced ever sound

They would never understand, the reason why

That a square shaped man with a pink bow tie

He reasoned and pleaded, for over an hour

That I might watch his sand while he took a quick shower

Little had I known, that the sand he cared for

Was more than just a handful, when I looked out the door

Piles and mounds rolling over the turf

I think he said 4 beaches worth!

-McKenna Kernan



There’s an elephant in the hot tub.

He walked in through the door

and onto the floor

out the back door

and into the hot tub.

I've tried to move him

but he won't budge.

I guess he likes the hot water.

So I left him there

and read on the couch

until you came home.

-Xavier Tuxill



The elephant came from a magical land.

He didn’t like mud baths that also had sand.

He didn’t feel like he got any cleaner.

In fact, what happened is he only got greener.

So he hopped on a plane to find something to clean him.

He climbed up a tree and hung out on a tree limb.

He saw a small house and thought “That looks just right,”

He walked through the door and what came in sight?

A miraculous hot tub! He splashed and he played.

After looking, he was covered in leaves and hay.

He sank under the water and blew bubbles - blub, blub.

And that’s why there’s an elephant in our hot tub!

-Will McGough



There is an elephant in the bathtub

I swear there is a good story

I was on amazon

Did you know elephants are 1.40?

There’s nothing to worry about

I swear I’m fine

Yes I’m aware,

none of this rhymes

I bought him because

Well, quarantine's boring...

At least I still got the bathtub working

-Adia Ellsworth



It’s snowing in your bedroom closet.

When my dad came home one night he said:

“It’s snowing in your closet!”

I didn’t know what to say for it was snowing in my closet

I realized that it wasn’t snow but it was mashed potatoes.

It was the leftovers from last Thanksgiving

Who mastered levitation?

They always left a drip drip drip

When I tried to sleep.

Two weeks later drips had stopped

I looked inside my closet

And I said,” Pass the gravy.”

-Chelsea Li



It’s as plain as it can be, the elephant made me bump my knee

I flew across the world and landed “kerplunk” in the sea

I shivered and swam all last night, and when I came to the castle “oh what a sight!”

And they awarded me something with a possibility

They cheered, with some a tear, they danced

And for me a big chest with all those goodies your richies can hold

But as I, I just laughed at them and so they said

“Oh yeah, we’ll take care of that!” as they pointed to a hat and made…

“Wait, umm, what was I supposed to explain..?”, I said to Jane.

And that’s why I’m saying “WHY is it snowing in the closet?!”

And at the rate I’m going I don’t think it will ever happen soon.

-Owen Hill



The boy next door, who’s named Bernard,

And lives in a somewhat muddy barn yard,

Decided to get himself a fine white camel,

But rode him into a prickly bramble.

The camel whistled high and low,

And to Bernard’s surprise it started to snow.

Bernard got scared and away he ran,

But the camel followed him into a can.

They both got stuck,

In the sticky muck,

As the can rolled and struck my duck.

My duck decided to run away,

But the can was sticking like a piece of hay.

My duck ran inside our house,

And got his nose stuck inside a blouse.

And all the while the camel was whistling,

And the snow was following like it was attached to a string.

My duck fell over and rolled in my closet,

And then the camel finally lost it.

He whistled loud, and he whistled clear,

Witch woke me up and hurt my ear.

My closet was now full of snow,

And that is all you need to know.

- Raya Stiles



The kitchen table is stuck to the ceiling.

See, Mom, it started when I got out of bed

Came down with heaps of glue in my head

I started to scream

Before I’d seen

The two flower pots had been wed

They were saying their vows, I rushed

Towards them, extremely flushed

When lo and behold

It became cold

And that’s when the lemonade gushed

I left the vases and ran to get towels

Before it could be eaten by owls

Who were up

In a cup

Emptying their very full bowels

The kangaroo – not sure where he came from

All I know is that he was quite angry and glum –

Then took all my glue

Suddenly flew

And stuck the table on the ceiling, that bum!

-Meaghan MacGregor



I tried to explain

How the table got up there

But I kept laughing

Laughing and laughing

Cause I knew how it did, and

My brother had hid

-Jackson Van Pelt



I was making pancakes.

You said that I could.

I got out ingredients, just like you would.

I poured syrup slowly with no need to race,

But still I spilled it all over the place.

Before I could clean it, a knock on the door…

And a party for me walked in on the floor.

Jugglers and clowns and a guy singing tunes

And each of them carrying a dozen balloons.

When I heard you coming I told them to hide

Under the table, though it isn’t too wide.

They crowded in with the balloons under there

And the table began to rise through the air.

So, because I wanted pancakes and didn’t stay in bed

Our only kitchen table is now stuck overhead.

-Dana Crediford



The bathtub has been replaced with a garden.

A pig took bath,

he left so much grime,

that dirty little swine,

that the consistency was thicker,

than mud.

Then he coughed up his breakfast,

carrots and broccoli,

rotten cabbage and more.

That disgusting little pet,

my mom, she did fret.

Soon all of his breakfast,

it began to grow.

1 inch, 2 inch, 3, maybe 4.

He never even said 'pardon'.

Oh my, the bathtub has been replaced

with a garden.

-Simone Shellenberger



There is a garden in the

Bathtub because my little sister is

Trying to do a science project

And she accidentally open a portal

To the place where the easter

Bunny lives. Then she took a

Whole garden. But she did not

Think about where to put it,

Sooo, she decided to put it

Ba, ba, baaaaaaa! In the bathtub!




The pages of all the books in the house are missing.

The pages in every book are gone!

Ripped, and torn, they've been that way since dawn

How would you explain that?

Well he may look fluffy

but he's a toughy

So I think the culprit is the cat

-Bijou Darrow



9. The chair in your living room is talking.

Well first off let me

say that the chair

in the living room

isn’t going to stay

I took a trip to

Spain and I was a

bit in pain

I saw the chair over

there and then it

kinda went


It started to bounce

and it suddenly

pounced on top of

a phone that was

ringing a tone

The chair

swallowed it and

started to submit

an application to

Stanford which is

right next to my house

Long story short I

filed a report but

now we’re stuck

with the chair until


-Peyton Zerbes



Everyone in your house is suddenly speaking French.

“Qu'est-ce qui se passe ici?” (what is going on here?)

“Sorry what was that grandpa?”

“Pourquoi un arbre pousse-t-il hors de l'évier?” (why is there a tree growing out of the sink?)

I can’t understand my grandpa!

I don’t know what to do!

There's a tree in the sink and it’s giving off a stink.

I think he’s speaking french!

How could that have happened?

I know what it was he must have met Mr Batman!

No that couldn’t be he must have been to the sea!

But do fish speak french?

Or maybe he went to the circus and met a talking lion!

But do talking lions speak in french?

Hm well maybe he sat on a bench and talked to the birds and talked to the bees, forgot our native language which is English to you and me, but he’s speaking french right now and I will tell you how.

He met Mr batman while taking a walk,they walked to the sea to see all the fish,the fish told them to go to the circus, so they went to the circus and

met the lion the lion was talking so they talked to the lion, the lion said that the park was nice, so they went to the park while eating some ice, they sat

on a bench and talked to the birds they talked to the bees,my grandpa learned french so now you see, my grandpa leaned french but he can’t speak

to me, which is a problem but the problem just got bigger cause the tree in the sink just turned into some water but the water is a pond and it’s growing out of the sink i don’t know how it’s growing but it’s giving of a stink!

My grandpa is speaking in french and i can’t understand him, maybe i should just go sit on the bench.

-Alice Park


From Lisa

Please enjoy! Remember, this space is a judgement-free zone. If something doesn't make sense to you, enjoy its nonsensical-ness. If something sounds weird to you, enjoy its weird-sounding-ness. If something boggles your brain, let your brain be boggled. I love how different everyone's imaginations are. This first project has made me even more excited for the next one.

If you haven't sent your poem in yet, you still can! If you sent yours in and you don't see it, please e-mail me. It may have gotten lost in the mix. Also, let me know if something looks wrong with your poem. The Green Page puts everything in the same format, so it may look a bit different. I'm sorry about that...but the words will speak for themselves. =)

WORDS: Boy/Magic/Ripple


the sky is crying tears of blue

who has mad cow disease? Winnie the pooh

even though the cows were locked up in a zoo

the magic in the world has been withdrew

the boy has just spilled all his fondue

one ripple of water just became two

war is still here and that's an issue

an innocent pig just became BBQ


WORDS: Mountain/Coffee/Cherry Blossom

MOOD: Scared

Up the mountain up.

Coffee in her cup.

she fell out of a tree straight into coffee.

The cherry blossom grows, grows and grows.

It really starts snow, snow and snow.

The mountain is cold.

The mountain is dark.

There's a sound in the trees, it hums like bees.

Up the mountain up.

Coffee in her cup.


WORDS: Grape/Cabinet/Peacock

MOOD: Angry

My snack is now gone and I’m needy.

I’ve lost every last grape, yes indeedy,

For the cabinet latch

Was from a poor batch

And the Peacock exceedingly greedy.

It wasn’t Ben’s fault, so I heard,

But I’m fuming as I hear the word,

And with nothing to chew

I’m not sure what I’ll do

If I should get my hands on that bird!


WORDS: Oatmeal/River/Tea Cup

MOOD: Creepy

Where is the oatmeal? (drip drop)

In the cave. (drip drop)

Which cave? (drip drop)

The one with the river. (drip drop)

Which cave with the river? (drip drop)

The one with the tea cup. (drip drop)

The one we are in? (drip drop)

Yess-ssss. (drip drop)


WORDS: Deodorant/Polar Bear/Pineapple

MOOD: Angry

There once was a polar bear named Icey.

He met his wife to eat.

At the restaurant he smelled a smell.

It smelled like rotten eggs and stinky feet!

He grrrd and grrrd and his wife said what's wrong?

Icey sniffed his wife and said you forgot to put deodorant on!

So he grabbed a piece of pineapple and squirted it on her arm pits.

Then they enjoyed their meal and he said next time don't forget!


WORDS: Cow Bell/Book/Cookies

MOOD: Creepy

Inside a grim cowbell

The dark of the ripped book

And the time deciding how to creep


Here come your cookies

Heed their jazz hands


WORDS: Skateboard/Plum/Grasshopper

MOOD: Angry

as it sped down the road

at 9 miles per hour

green as a grasshopper or a toad

i stared as it came but not to cower

my face turned purple

purple as a plum

as i watched that skateboard go by

wishing it was mine

steam came out of my ears

as i walked home racing the fleeting sun


WORDS: Sock/Egg Salad Sandwich/Dog

MOOD: Creepy

Dog’s stomach growled.

He put a sock on each paw but one.

He searched to no avail, one sock

was gone.

He set off to eat anyway.

At the shop, he holds his egg salad sandwich,

his mouth waters.

Dog bites, but tastes fabric.

“My sock!”


WORDS: Platypus/Bowl/Comedy

MOOD: Confused

What is this that I find within my bowl?

Is it not some life-full marsupial?

A kind of kangaroo, or platypus?

Not breakfast food that I have ever seen.

I cannot well consume another life,

Not such a species so endangerèd.

Is it such wicked cosmic comedy

That I should have my food, but cannot eat?


WORDS: Narwhal/Unicycle/Thumbtack


There is a trash can

Four objects sit inside

a narwhale who’s horn is more of a nub now

A unicycle small and broken

The wheels uneven

A thumbtack that did not do its job

And a piece of plastic

It’s one job was to be thrown away

Why are these all in the trash?

Because we can


WORDS: Moose/Legs/Paint

MOOD: Angry

She threw her paint and palette at her feet

They splashed her legs with radiant color

She muttered and cursed in defeat

She’d never worked this hard before

When it comes to art she feels obtuse

Because how the heck do you paint a moose?!?


WORDS: Intersection/Bread/Cave

MOOD: Creepy

I get into my car, my car made of bread.

This whole road trip is getting in my head

Should I go back into my sad dark cave,

Or should I continue on and be brave?

I stop at the intersection and am about to go on, when I see a lonely duck singing my favorite song.

Things are getting scary,

and I go back to my dark sad cave,

with my roommate Mr. Toad.


WORDS: Puffball/Beaver/Trampoline

MOOD: Creepy

once… a catastrophe occurred

a PUFFBALL went missing

ba, ba, ba!

Detective BEAVER went after her

They found her missing

A brain!

Smiling to the moon

And the moon stared back

The moon looked like a TRAMPOLINE

But one not looking like the moon

What is this phenomenon

Doo, doo, doo, doo doo

That’s all for now

On the Imagination Networks

Doo doo doo, doo doo doo


WORDS: Rabbit/Graphic Novels/Unicorn

MOOD: Angry

Day 12 quarantine I’m alone in my room

Reading graphic novels one maybe two

My parents are fighting I wish they would can it

While I hope I would just disappear like a rabbit

I look through my window at the scruffy yard outside

My little sister making a unicorn and toad collide

I’m pulled away by the screaming of my name

People always telling me that I’m not to blame

Day 12 quarantine I’m alone in my room

Reading graphic novels one maybe two


WORDS: Koala Bears/Building/Avocado

MOOD: Scared

As I was walking down the street eating some avocado toast,

I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to boast,

Only to find a Koala bear who was 100 feet high,

He was taller than a building, he was taller than the sky,

Not knowing what to do, I screamed and ran

All the way home up to my room

I could hear his footsteps boom.

So I hid under a blanket.

Then I woke up.


WORDS: Cracker/Wheelbarrow/Rats

MOOD: Happy

Once there was a family of rats,

Looking and scurrying for food.

There was nothing in sight...

Except one cracker of delight.

Agreeing on fairness was hard,

Nothing would be right.

Then all of the sudden, a wheelbarrow came

And the cracker was smashed

Into fair and honest nibbles.

And they all yelled, "Horray! Horray!"


WORDS: Cake/Caterpillar/Kalimba

MOOD: Confused

The cake was frosted and three tiers tall

Placed on a table midst colors of fall

A Caterpillar now laden with wings

A semblance that age comes to claim all things

And the child sat in the very last row

She’s young right now, but someday she’ll grow

She sits silently without comprehension

Unaware of the room that is filling with tension

She sits and a tune slow and shrill

The Kalimba a gift from her late grandma’s will


WORDS: Backpack/Skyscraper/Thimble


On a warm summer day

In a field, far away

A small girl had come to play

Where the long grasses sway

Left her backpack without a glance

And barefoot, she started to dance

Her skirt twirled as she pranced

Colorful flowers in her hands

The trees, skyscraper-tall

Watched her, enthralled

The flowers, thimble-small

Saw that she had not a care at all

She untied her braids and smiled

Let the ribbon float a while

Towards the sinking sun

Because this was a day of fun


WORDS: Sushi/Cakes/Door

MOOD: Angry

Outside my window

There’s a dome of trees

And it looks like a parachute

Swaying in the breeze

That’s all for now

Cause I can’t think of rhymes

I hope that this poem

Wasn’t a waste of your time


WORDS: Rabbit/Macaroons/Hellebore

MOOD: sad

The macaroons all disappeared long ago.

The hungry rabbit hobbles along in search of dinner.

He comes along a hellebore flowers and nibbles on it’s leaves.

The morning comes and the rabbit rests motionless on the ground.

-Raya S.

WORDS: Wax/Artist/Planet


There was an artist who made sculptures

Not just any sculptures, but

wax sculptures

One day a planet came and...

squashed her world.

Ruining all the wax she loved.


WORDS: Snowflake/Shoulders/Tree

MOOD: Creepy

She ran into a tree,

Which made a single snowflake fall.

Something brushed her shoulder. She


She turned, and it was gone.

She began to flee the woods, panicked.

The next day, the news reported a

missing persons. It was the girl.

-Rheya H.

WORDS: Pencils/Lampshade/Sea Cucumber


Fred the sea cucumber loved to draw all he saw

He loved all his colored pencils, he never used stencils

Then one day a wave washed him on the shore

He wasn’t going to see his friends anymore

That night an owl named Rex Vladivlaire saw Fred from the air

He flew down and said, “Can we be friends, what’s your name?”

Fred sniffed and said, “I’m Fred and drawing’s my game.

We can’t be friends. I’m in the sea. You live in the sky”

“Could you draw me, before I fly up-high?” But Fred said, “Goodbye,

It’s dark and I have no lampshade today.” Then Fred washed away.


WORDS: Ottoman/Possibility/Flower pot

MOOD: Scared

try not to think about how dark it is

The possibility of rain hangs in the air

Shifting the shadows

Unfortunately, this is the part of town where people don’t think to buy

An ottoman for their best chair

They all stand out on their balconies holding a red flowerpot

And wait for me to pass

What a peculiar night


WORDS: Rhizome/Globe/Hot Air Balloon

MOOD: Happy

Twas a happy hot air balloon.

Though there was one thing that you had to assume,

Was strange about the assumed-on balloon.

At the bottom of this balloon were two flowers continuously growing.

For all these flowers needed to survive,

Was simply the wind blowing by.

But as you can guess,

Things really got into a terrible mess,

‘Cause with many a rhizome growing,

The flowers soon multiplied ten and then twenty!

And the travelers who traveled far around the globe,

Thought that it was really quite funny.

How hard it was not step on a flower,

To ensure that it was not the flower’s last hour.

And the balloon really did think that it was quite nice,

How they nicely respected the flowers’ civil rights

And that is the story of a happy balloon.


WORDS: Koalas/Lollipop/Snake

MOOD: Happy

Mr. Koala loved munching on eucalyptus leaves.

One day the eucalyptus tree ran out of leaves.

Poor Mr. Koala searched for a new tree.

He found a lollipop tree!

Mr. Koala ate a lollipop.

The lollipop tasted like eucalyptus!

This was even better than leaves of eucalyptus!

The End

And there was also a snake.


WORDS: Aardvark/Tornado/Bongo Drums

MOOD: Confused

Once I went to the ballpark

There I met this weird aardvark

Wouldn’t It be funny if his name was mark

We went out to find some plums

He said he also wanted to buy some bongo drums

It was probably for his mums

We were suddenly caught in a tornado

It sure did sound like a radio

Wait weren’t we supposed to go on a talk show?


WORDS: Cow/Book/Panini


Once upon a time

A person was

Eating a panini

And randomly

A cow came in

The house

And it startled the person and

The person dropped the panini

And the person started

Reading a book 💛😊



MOOD: Happy

There was a cow named Gerald

And a reindeer named Bertha

They lived together in a house by the beach

They liked the beach very much

At night they would watch the moon together

And at day they would play in the water

They liked each other very much

they were always joyful when they were around each other.


WORDS: Cosmos/Squid/Stage

MOOD: Angry

I messed up my

blocking, and

now they are


I said my lines

wrong and I

messed up my


Maybe the

Stage isn’t my

thing, Perhaps I

should try

being king

All my dance

Moves were

whack and then

I fell smack…



tried to play the

role of the

squid, but after

all I am just a


I really needed

my space, so I

went to the Cosmos


know, that

burger place?


WORDS: Batter/Light/Faith

MOOD: Happy

A battery is sometimes chargeable

Light looks different when it goes through water

I have faith that there will be more than one sun someday


WORDS: Candle/Box/Cumulus Cloud


A candle melts on

A box sitting underneath

A cumulus cloud


WORDS: Chair/Mountain/Light Bulb

MOOD: Scared

She sat in the chair shaking

in the dark, she could see the shape of the mountain

Was it the whole world that was quaking?

She sat in that chair straining

In the chaos, she heard the smallest of whisper

Was it just the loud sky raining?

She sat in their chair like a bump

In the motion around her, she was a statue

The light bulb flicker made her jump


WORDS: Raindrop/Music/Popsicle

MOOD: Confused

Why does that raindrop fall on my head?

Why do I eat my popsicle in my bed?

I am not sure! I don’t know why!

Why do bees always sting me in the eye?

Nothing makes sense, especially the music.

Why does it always have to be acoustic?

Why do some plants grow up, and some grow down?

Does chocolate milk come from cows that are brown?

I still don’t know why that raindrop fell on my head!

And, why are all the stores all out of delicious bread?

I don’t know! And I don’t think I ever will.

Maybe I’ll write this all down with a quill.


WORDS: Book/Cow/Panini


I was trying to save the cow,

But my panini was burnt somehow.

So I sat down to read a book,

I went to take a look.

And what do you know?

It fell into a brook!


WORDS: dragon/Moon/Archer

Mood: Creepy

Moon’s arisin’ over there

Where the Archer cuts your hair

Dragon’s flesh and dragon’s bones

Across the sand and on the stones

Disappearing over there

And reappearing in your hair

Underneath where all’s acreep

We’re the ones inside your teeth

Making pains all so deep

And remember, don’t brush your teeth!


For Chelsea Li!

From Lisa

I LOVED the use of imagery in Chelsea Li's poem "The Primrose of Blankets"!! It painted a really lovely picture and the way the nouns were incorporated was super clever!


For Meaghan!

From Lisa

Your poem 'What Is Nothing' was very well done!

-Chelsea Li


From Lisa

If you want to send a compliment to someone about their work, email me, and I will post them here. =)

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