Aladdin Cast!

Cast of Aladdin

Everyone did a fantastic job!  We look forward to working with each one of you to develop your characters and give you a wonderful camp experience at BAAY.

Everyone should learn the following songs (except certain leads in some cases).

- One Jump Ahead (part 1), page 29
- One Jump Ahead (part 2), page 32
- Friend Like Me, page 50
- Prince Ali, page 60
- A Whole New World, page 77
- Prince Ali (reprise 1), page 87
- Prince Ali (reprise 2), page 89
 A Whole New World (Finale), page 97
Friend Like Me (bows), page 101

John Malquist

Sophia Naviaux

Zobo the Hobo  

Henry Winslow

Evie Brigham

Casidhe Carlton

Alex Farkas

Narrator 1
Noam Richmond

Narrator 2
Neha Harle

Narrator 3
Riley Plaut-DeWeese

Narrator 4
Natalie Murphy

Narrator 5
Jack Shaughnessy

Magic Carpet Dance Troupe/ Guard Dancers/Singers
Anya Seegers
Kenzie Knapp
Meixing Rain
Kellia Hoyle
Tate Sterling
Adelyn Pagels

Guard 1
Chelan Howard

Guard 2
Hannah Joy Armerding

Prince Baba of Ganoush
Oliver Pagels

Prince Dahdu Rahn-Rahn
Neri Maxim

Prince Formerly Know as the Artist
Lisiana Duarte

Neri Maxim
Lisiana Duarte
Oliver Pagels
Sam Mindlin
Hannah Joy Armerding
Chelan Howard
Katie Hansen
Livia Cohen
Zoey Enderle

One Jump Soloists/Featured Solos

Page 29
"Riff-raff" - Meixing
"Street rat" - Tate
"Scoundrel" - Livia
"Take that" - Adelyn

Page 30
Harem Girl (high) - Kellia
Harem Girl (low) - Anya
Matron - Kenzie

Page 32
Girl - Zoey (younger)

Page 52
"You're the boss" - Sam
"The king" - Neri
"The shah" - Katy/Lisiana

Vocal Group 1
(Always sing higher part, or parts labelled "Women" or "Group 1")
Kellia, Adelyn, Sophia, Kenzie, Neha, Hannah Joy, Evie, Zoe, Livia, Neri, Katy, Chelan, Natalie

Vocal Group 2
(Always sing lower part, or parts labelled "Men" or "Group 2")
Noam, John, Anya, Zobo, Alex, Meixing, Lisiana, Tate, Kasidhe, Jack, Oliver, Riley, Sam, Henry

Download Aladdin Jr rehearsal tracks:

THE FROG PRINCE Pixie Theatre Show/Camp--Special Deal!

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This week we offer "The Frog Prince," a Pixie Theatre Camp/Show at BAAY in Bellingham. It is for ages 5-8 and it is going to be such a blast! WE ARE NOW OFFERING a 50 percent DISCOUNT!!!!! Price was $235 and now it is $117.00 for 20 plus hours of instruction!

MUSIC MAN is a HIT! Review Below!


Review below by Lily Olason

Music Man at BAAY

One of the many fabulous things about Bellingham is the assortment of activities for the youngsters. Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth takes the fun-fetti cake in this category, and it’s not exactly hard to see why.

Kaleb Van RijskWijck and Nick Falewitch co-direct a revamped, refurbished, and dang slick version of that antique nugget of Americana, The Music Man. Flush with barbershop singing school boards, typical turn of the century con schemes, and unbelievably talented cast members, this show made us all happy there was such a thing as BAAY in our own backyard.

Professor Harold Hill (Zander King) just ain’t what he seems when he arrives in River City, Iowa. A well-established con man all over Middle America, Hill schemes to reap the cash from musical hopefuls itching for a shiny brass band in their town. Well, he makes them itch for that band, and then gives them the bill. Unwittingly, Hill befriends the generous masses, including a particularly stoic librarian, Marian (Izzy Buri).

King delivers a spot-on Harold, zany and wily and conniving, and man, can this guy sing. He takes “scam” to a whole new level with ease and grace, being a ham, belting it out, then turning around and slyly making seven dollars off ol’ Ms. Paroo. A wonderfully well-cast lead, King holds up his end of the bargain making the show great.

Buri’s got a voice that could make the birds jealous. Her tone is shockingly good, jaws dropping further once calling to mind the fact that nobody’s over fifteen here. This matched equally in her portrayal of independent woman/piano instructor/shy librarian crazy for Harold, Buri delivers a knock-out performance and it would behoove you to see it before she and King leave the BAAY nest.

No play about a small town calamity is complete without some excellent small town citizens. Alex Farkas does a bang-up job as Mayor Shinn, constantly skeptical of Professor Hill’s credentials while trying comically to keep up with wife and kids. Both Adelyn Pagels and Noam Richmond as the rest of the Paroo clan work wonders, Richmond showing off some great vocal chops as an integral member of the (crazy-good) traveling barbershop group that frequents the scenes. Gracia Powell as Amaryllis, Lainie Mueller as Eulalie, Zoe Taylor as Zaneeta, and Luna Chambliss as Tommy, to name only a few, do amazing work and make this show into the full-fledged production that it is.

What’s remarkable about a youth oriented show like this is how very precise the setting and costuming can be. Visually, the gig was spectacular: the wardrobe crew made monochrome of all the old-timey outfits in the first act: black and white, with splashes of red emanating from Professor Hill’s vest and the barbershop guys’ suspender/tie combo. Framed by a strong gray set, the aesthetics were wonderfully well done.

Musical director Steve Barnes deserves a giant shout-out for all the fabulous work done by the live band. The balance was great, and the tunes were killer. Special accolades go to whoever was on trombone.

This play reminds us, thankfully, that there is some amazing work done to keep the arts alive in a country where they’re being cut right and left. BAAY is a wonderful place that not only offers kids a space to learn the craft of drama, but to get really good at it and to have a blast, too. Both Van RijsWijk and Falewitch have made magic with this production, and watching it is a total must-do this summer.

The Music Man plays July 9th-11th at 7 p.m., July 12th at 2 and 7 p.m., and July 13th at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door, or online. Visit for more information, and don’t miss out!

Audition Results for The Music Man and '13'

Any questions? Please refer to show director Kaleb Van Rijswijck via his email:
You may also address questions to BAAY director David Post via
Thank you!
The Music Man cast list:


Cast in order of appearance: 


Charlie Cowell- Lucy

Conductor- Maya Sargent

Harold Hill- Zander King

Mayor Shinn- Alex Farkas

Oliver- John Malquist

Ewart- Carmen Souza

Jacey- Jenny Cooper

Marcellus- Ziah Cloud

Tommy- Luna Chambliss

Marian- Izzy Buri

Miss Paroo- Quinn Dekubber

Amaryllis- Gracia Powell

Winthrop- Noam Richmond

Eulalie- Lainie Mueller

Zaneeta-  Zoe Taylor

Gracie Shinn- Kijah Van RijsWijck

Alma- Melissa Burke-Manwaring

Maud- Emily Grace Welsh

Ethel- Haley Akers

Mrs. Squires-Yaya

Constable Locke- Lucy


Dance Captain- Zoe Taylor

Dance Chorus (Featured Dancers) -

Adelyn Pagels

Jessy Walton

Lila Steffan

Tori King

Melissa Burke-Manwaring


River City Kids-

   Adelyn Pagels 

   Jessy Walton

    Lila Steffan

    Tori King

    Maya Sargent

    Noam Richmond

    Kijah Van RijsWijck

    Gracia Powell

    Melissa Burke-Manwaring

    Amanda Brown


13! The Musical cast list:

Patrice - Olivia Brice
Evan- Colin Glaze
Archie- John Malquist
Brett- Marcus Benson
Malcom- Carmen Souza
Eddie- Mia Lynn
Richie- Sydney Glover
Charlotte- Anica Johnston
Cassie- Elsie Dank
Molly- Emma Ritchie
Lucy- Abby Chase
Kendra- Melissa Burke-Manwaring
Simon- TBA​


Tickets at the door
Ten Dollars
some mature content
Friday, 7pm.
Sat. 2 pm and 7pm
Sun 2 pm.
MAY 9,10,11,16,17 and 18


May 20th-23rd. Both are directed by BAAY grad Kaleb VanRijswijck from Roosevelt University
Audition day #1
Tuesday 5/20 
5-7:30 pm main hall main orientation and dance call  (please bring light dinner)

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