Dance for Musical Theatre (Juniors)

Join Lisa and learn the basics of Dance for Musical Theatre. This class is designed to increase your knowledge about dance performance, to challenge yourself in a fun way, and to explore different styles of choreography. Each week, you’ll learn a piece of choreography from a different musical. What you'll learn will be a mix of original choreography and Lisa’s choreography.

Included in this class will be a unit on Footloose! We will learn some essential 80's choreography through musical numbers in this show.


9 - 12




  • Lisa Markowitz, Instructor


This course runs for eight weeks, June 29 - Aug 21. It will begin with one video per week sent on Wednesdays while WA is in Phase 2, and may move to meet onsite at BAAY in small groups on Wednesdays 3:00-4:00pm if and as public health guidelines allow later in the summer.

Our intention is to provide in-person instruction for every course if and when public health restrictions allow. For the most part, we expect this will mean Session 1 begins via Zoom & moves to in-person; we hope all Session 2 classes will be in-person. For families who prefer and request to have attendance via Zoom after in-person meetings begin again, we will strive to continue offering that attendance option, to increase accessibility.


Please contact Lisa Markowitz.

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